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The Sun In Aries Will Make The Zodiac Signs Take A Leap Of Faith

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by Conscious Reminder

On 20th March, the Sun made its entry into Aries. It was the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and marked the Astrological New Year. It brought spring into our lives.

It also marked the time of rebirth and new beginnings. This is time to make new connections, reach out for our dreams and develop new ways to increase our prosperity.

Aries is a fighter and so, we have to be brave when we are going through this season. Here are some of the things that the Sun in Aries brings to our lives:


Well, it’s like your birthday. The Sun is located in you and so, it’s time to use the solar charge and be committed to doing something with your life. You will be full of enthusiasm during this period. Make things happen for you.


The house of your Imagination will lighten up during this period. You have to look forward to a new dream. If you want guidance, you have to look inside. Don’t let social life distract you.


The Sun will bring energy to you and will shine on your House of Friends. There will be new kind of vibrancies in your social life and there will be inspiring people around you. It is the best time for you to reach out and develop a connection with people.


The Aries Sun will charge your House of Career. Focus on your success and develop connections which will help you push your career forward. It’s time to take a step out of your comfort zone and build your future.


This will be a great time for travelling since the Aries Sun shines on your House of Travel. Go out and get inspired as you move to another place. You do not have to physically move around. It can be a movement of your mind to a higher dimension as well.


The house of intimacy will get intensified during this period. Your desire will start to burn inside you. Start by making new connections with other people. It will help you to grow.


Your House of Partnerships will get affected when the Sun is in Aries. You have the ability to keep everything in balance and control. As a Libra, you specialize in making judicious decisions. But make sure you don’t shirk any responsibilities as that can bring harm to your relationships.


Your house of Work and Health will get energized during the Sun in Aries period. You may develop new kinds of approaches for routine jobs and discover new ways to do all of it faster and efficiently. Even any self-care routine may undergo certain changes. You will find your lost enthusiasm re-enter your life.


It’s time to get creative. The Sun in Aries will be falling on your House of Fun. This is the House which controls your creative side. So, its time to take some risks and bring out the child inside you. Have you wanted to paint something? Then take your paper, pick up your drawing tools and start the work!


The energy of the Aries Sun will fall on your House of Home and Family. It is time for you to make some changes, especially in your family life. You can start with your house. Start decorating or renovating your house and changing the locations of your furniture. Free up some space if you want. It will bring a new life to your house and your family.


The Aries Sun will power up the House of Thought. It will make you really curious and you will develop a craving to get out of your zone and enter into new territory. This will open your mind to brand-new ideas and thoughts. So, don’t hold yourself back – share your ideas and thoughts to people around you. Teach others or start writing and spread your ideas.


The Aries Sun will be empowering your House of Finances. You will find ways to increase your prosperity and finances. Maybe a new source of income will open up. You will also be able to visualise your financial status properly and plan for the future.

The Sun in Aries is bringing a whole new period in our lives. So, let the energy become a part of you and you can flourish in this period.

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