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The One Who Gives, Is More Blessed Than The One Who Receives!

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A young student took a walk with his professor.

As they were walking and talking, they saw a pair of old on the side of the path, which,
apparently, belonged to a poor farmer who worked nearby in the field and was finishing up work.

The student said to the professor: “Let’s prank the farmer, we can take the shoes and have some fun watching him look for the. We’ll hide behind the bushes and observe his reactions as he searches for them.”

The professor answered:“Young man, don’t you ever make fun of other, or even worse, enjoy another’s trouble and misery. 

Since you are rich, you can afford greater pleasures than this poor man. 

Put a gold coin in each of his shoes, and then we will hide and observe his reaction.”

The student did it and they both hid in the bushes growing next to the field where the farmer was working.

The farmer finished his job and soon after he returned right to the place near the road
where he left his shoes and his coat.

While he was putting his coat on, he pushed his foot in one of the shoes and find out
that there was something in his shoe.

First he thought that it was a rock, but quickly he realize it was a gold coin.

In shock he looked at the coin, looked around to see if there was someone and then he returned tot he coin and kept observing it for a while.

He looked in every direction, but didn’t see anyone.

He put it in his pocket and continued to put on the other shoe.

But his surprise was even bigger when he found another coin in it.

Suddenly he became really emotional. He fell down on his knees, lifted his head toward the sky and began to utter a loud prayer in gratitude.

He was talking about his sick and helpless wife and his kids that had no food,
and thanks to some invisible hand that sent him the money, they would be saved.

The student remained quiet, with tears in his eyes blurring his vision.

The professor asks him: “Would you be happier if ,instead of giving this man some money, you’d taken his shoes and joked with him?”

The young man answered shortly:” You’ve taught me a lesson I will never forget.

Now I really understand these words  I did not understand before:

“The one who gives is more blessed than the one who receives.”

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