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Reasons Why Angels Can’t Help You And Answer Your Prayers

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by Conscious Reminder

Angels can hear all our prayers. Especially if it is our guardian angels that stay with us at all times.

In addition to hearing our prayers, angels act as our messenger by carrying requests and advocating on our behalf to the Divine Spirit. They also help us in attaining the full spiritual potential on Earth.

Our spirits and faith get severely shaken if our prayers do not get answered. However, angels have a different way of answering our prayers and we must have an open mind to understand it. There might be some reasons for unanswered prayers which have been listed below.

Angels Have Our Best Interest At Heart

Sometimes our prayers do not aim for higher things that we are capable of achieving or deserving and the angels are aware of that.

Moreover, some of our prayers are directed in the wrong way. For instance, we may not get a job we have been interviewing for but our angels are secretly making way for a better position.

Angels know that we are prepared to take up bigger challenges and responsibilities. As a result, our prayers get answered in a different but better way which is a message that we must aim higher.

Divine Timing Must Be Followed

This reason can sometimes be very frustrating. For instance, when a woman feels that it is the ideal time to become a mother but she does not get maternity leave or is unable to conceive.

On the other hand, the couple achieves immense professional success and feels a great sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Then, they conceive suddenly without any conscious effort. This is the way angels work.

They are aware of the need of the hour much better than the people themselves. Hence, they answer their prayer at the right moment which might not necessarily be the time expected by humans.

Clash Of Free Will

Humans are as dynamic and spiritual as angels and have free will. However, humans may not realize that their free will might disrupt another person’s free will. Such a class of free will often leads to unanswered prayers and creates a devastating impact on the person.

Very often we may fall in love with someone with some kind of physical or psychological issue. This relationship fails because the angels consider it to be harmful or inappropriate.

The person often builds a wall around themselves and tries not to get romantically involved with anyone. This is a reminder to look beyond the present and take all the aspects into account.

Soul Contracts

Soul contracts refer to the agreements made with ourselves, other souls, and Spirit before being born. Several people are born to inspire others in their lifetime while some others may face more challenges than others.

Many other people are able to touch the spirit and heart of other people more easily. Our subconscious influences the soul contracts that compel us to express and act accordingly.

Our Prayer Disrupts The Greater Good

It often happens that we experience a tragedy in our own life or others’ life. This is a clear indication that our prayers are disrupting the general harmony in our life and the world, at large.

For example, we might want to purchase land that is a wetland and environmentally significant. Therefore, we must start praying for the good of the world rather than focusing only on ourselves.

Angels Are Listening

Our angels never pull back from punishing us for our wrongdoing. Moreover, sometimes angels also cry along with us when we are in pain or trouble.

Angels always strive to make our life better and provide the best opportunities to us. Despite all delays or confusion, angels certainly listen to our prayers and answer them in the best possible way.

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