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The Essence Of Being A Mother Lies In The Sacrifices She Makes

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by Conscious Reminder

One word that can sum up the meaning of mother is “selfless.” The unconditional love and care that she delivers is of supreme importance.

The extent of suffering and greatness that can be identified in a mother is nowhere to be found. There exists no institution or academy that can teach a woman how to become a great mother.

A woman, the moment she conceives her baby, begins a series of sacrifices and vows to provide all the protection and welfare that her baby deserves.

Motherhood knows no restrictions and no boundaries whatsoever. Being a mother is a deep calling and not everyone can anticipate the depth of the turmoil of emotions that she experiences all throughout her life.

Motherhood doesn’t differentiate between species; being a mother is a state of feeling that not everyone is blessed to experience which ultimately makes it an exclusive gift of God.

A mother is one person who knows how to let go of the deepest bonds if it is for the betterment of her dear children. There is a famous saying that has sums up the idea of motherhood very neatly:

“God could not be present everywhere that is why he has created mothers.”

A woman initially born as a daughter completes her journey of womanhood only when she becomes a mother. Words fall short when we even attempt to describe how beautiful this journey is for a woman.

The moment she holds her first born in her arms, the feeling of compassion and love that she is filled with becomes overwhelming for her.

From the first words that we utter, the first step we take and the first mistake that we make, we always find our mothers beside us to help us out, even in our most troubled situations. For a mother, the child in her life is her first and foremost priority.

Mothers have the most self-denying personalities. They give up their leisure and pleasures readily when it comes to the task of sacrificing everything for their children.

No one can know and judge the needs and wants of children better than their mothers. Mothers require no means of communication to understand the necessities of their children.

After attaining motherhood a woman delivers, in all her capacity, the love, care, compassion to her children.

Therefore it is absolutely true that all love begins and ends in motherhood.

By Souls of Silver

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