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25 Signs He Loves You, Even If He Doesn’t Say It Out Loud

You will no longer remain unsure of his feelings.

There are many questions we ask ourselves when we are in a relationship. We all are humans, we have doubts, and we want to be secure and sure about a few things. So if you are questioning your relationship, do not feel alone. So are you unsure about how he feels? Does he express it in ways that are not enough? What is it that you are looking for?

Things between you and your partner might be going as expected and great in actuality. However, you still have this thought bothering you at the back of your head. There a lot of ways he is telling you how he loves you, his actions are more important than his words.

Following 25 things that you should look out for confirming whether he loves you or not. You will remain no longer be unsure regarding his feelings.

1. Wanting to Spend Time

If he wants to spend most of his time with you or keeps making plans for the future, it means that he wants to keep you. He mentally sees you with him in the future and you are always a part of his plans.

2. Gives You Respect

If he treats you like his equal and not lesser than him that means he values you and respects you.

3. No out of Sight out of Mind

He is not clinging to you with his Gollum hands, but he does not completely forget about you either. He keeps checking up on your to see if you are doing fine.

4. Doesn’t Boast

If he does nice things and gestures for you all the time, and doesn’t feel the need to remind you about what all he does, neither does he remember himself. That truly means he is selflessly doing it.

5. Truthfulness

If someone genuinely cares about you, he will be honest with you and will not feel the need to lie to you because he knows it will hurt you.

6. Selflessness

When someone loves somebody, he tries his best to not put themselves before their partners.

7. Not Making the Fights Dirty

If your partner does not make fights dirty, and takes a rational approach to thing – that only means he wants a solution and does not want to fight because he loves you.

8. Interested in You as a Person

If your partner loves you, he will take interest in your routine and work.

9. Protective Instinct

Partners who are in love with you are protective and don’t want harm coming your way.

10. You Are Always in Their Focus

If your partner loves you, and respects you at the same time – he will not find attention elsewhere because he knows it will disrespect you.

11. They Might Agree with You but Not When You Are Wrong

It’s great if a guy agrees with you a lot, but just make sure it’s not too much: If he’s a yes-man, he might not actually be sincere.

12. Holds Your Hand

People who don’t question the relationship and are confident about it will never hide it, so any level of PDA is another reassuring factor.

13. Does Not Disregard Your Plans

It doesn’t matter how excited they are to go somewhere, they will not assume that you will go for sure. They will respect that you have a life and you will make time accordingly.

14. Healthy Amount of Jealousy

Your partner will be jealous and bothered by someone else giving you attention.

15. Invests in you

Sharing their life and taking time out to give you in such a fast-paced life, means that you truly mean something.

16. Always True To Himself

Does he behave a bit different when you are around, or is he 100% the same when you’re not? If it’s the latter, he cares about you deeply.

17. Avoids Using the Phone Around You

Take this in a positive light, he wants all his attention on you.

18. Matches Interests

Always on a look out for common interests, so that you guys have things to do together and can increase the bond.

19. Genuine Smiles

If he smiles every time he has eye contact with you, you truly light up his world.

20. Tries to impress you

Because they care what you think, and it is important.

21. Good Memory

If someone is in love with you, he remembers the things you say and mention because he is listening to you. And that is one of that most sincere forms of respect.

22. Divides Work Equally

The right person never expects that only one person should do a certain job. Responsibility and work needs to be shared. And it is all the more fun if you are doing it together.

23. The “We” Word

If it’s not ‘me’ or ‘I’ and it is more you ‘we’ and ‘us’ – That’s a great sign

24. Pet Names

If that persons given you a nick name, it’s because you matter to them

25. He Just Says It

And the final nail in the coffin is that, if they do love you – they should not have any problem saying it at all. There is no reason under the sun to not say it to you if he feels strongly for you.

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