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The Aries New Moon On April 5th Will Help You Connect With Your Inner Child

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon will be occurring in Aries on 5th April. Aries is the first Zodiac sign. It wants us to start something new and go out for the new adventures that life has to offer us.

Aries will also make you look within, connect with the hidden child in yourself, and start recovering your wounds.

Maybe, you will find some beliefs that you had kept close to you and which had been counterproductive for you. You will have to deal with them too and Aries will give you the strength to do so.

The Energy Of the Child And The Warrior

Aries is associated with war and courage. During this New Moon, our inner warrior rises up and helps us face our hidden fears. It will help you gain back some control in your life and become more powerful in your own self.

This power is necessary for you to grow and develop yourself. All of us have a battle that we hold within ourselves.

We need to be strong enough to fight this battle and also to heal ourselves when we are downing. Aries will be the planet providing us with that energy.

But Mars will fire up the dark moon and make the shadow side of Aries potent as well. We all have a dark side that we try to keep hidden. It’s like our inner child and it behaves like a child too:

  • It will argue.
  • It will see everything as a competition
  • It will try to seek attention by throwing tantrums
  • It will demand others to pay attention to its needs rather than considering what other people needs.
  • It will rebel, often irrationally, against any figure of authority.
  • It will make you angry when you fail to express yourself properly.

If you don’t find these characteristics in you, then you can be assured that you have taken control of your dark side. Then, you might consider doing the following:

  • Think of anything that makes you frustrated.
  • Think of something that you can do when you are angry to vent it out.
  • Think of games that you can play that will help you test your skills.
  • If you think that you are not physically able enough to handle the challenges life throws at you, what are you willing to do to change it.

The Fears Hidden Inside

The Full Moon in Libra which occurred a while ago focused on our relationships with others, the New Moon in Aries will shift it to us. It will make us look inside ourselves and help us become one with our personal identity.

So, if you have not looked inside your own self or sacrificed yourself so that you can cure or help another relationship external to you – then you will find yourself in hot water. You will have to ponder and analyze your choices right now or else you will enter into a circle of blaming yourself for not engaging in self-care when the time was right.

After all, this moon has a way to activate your hidden child. This child will immediately go into blaming mode and put all the blame on you, thus making you feel like you are your own worst enemy.

Aries is a warrior and hence, has a very masculine aspect to it. It controls our emotional center that is the sacral chakra. So, any overwhelming emotions will get intensified with Aries and we might start to get afraid that our needs will not be met easily.

We will come into conflict with other people because we will fail to connect or communicate our needs very well and instead get angry. So, during this New Moon, try to understand your feelings better before getting it out into the world. It will help you a lot regarding your communication.

Make sure that the energy of this New Moon doesn’t put you down. Use it well to connect with your inner self. Good luck.

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