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We Can’t Break Up With A Soulmate.

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No matter how hard we try, there is just no breaking up with a soulmate.

It all happens in just one ordinary day, when we are not fully aware, it can come and in fact can change the whole flow of our lives…

Our life can change in just one minute, and the following it is gripped by a surge of energy, a change of vibrations from meeting a soul mate.

Maybe we have met them in the coffee shop on the corner, or maybe when our car broke down they were the one who came to help. Or maybe it’s just that we suddenly opened our eyes and we saw someone who was in front of us all this time.

The way it happened is insignificant, what is essential, however, is that they came into our lives. And although everything is the same, it had also changed a little bit.

We were devoted to them like a moth to a flame, and it is not important what stood in our way, all we knew is that we had to be close to our soul mate, the only one who approached to us in a different way than ever before.

We can feel the entirety that comes from uniting with the soul mate with which we will share our lives.

We felt the connection of our thoughts, our emotions, the heights of spirituality, then we kissed, and it moved us from our axis on which we grew so comfortable.

There was never a question of if we would come together, but rather how could we not.

As we often learn with age, the love is never simple and we don’t always find our soulmate

We didn’t know what that feeling was, or more significantly, what we should do with it.

Somewhere between the time we got it wrong, we realized that maybe no matter what kind are our senses, we had to break up. We had to ended it because we just couldn’t see that this would ever work as before.

So we were gone, or maybe they were the ones who left us. But doesn’t matter who did the leaving, because both felt the cut across their souls that were perfectly united in the past.

We got busy getting on with our lives.

We found happiness in the daily moments that contributed with love in our hearts, and no matter how active we were or how occupied we were, all it would take is a moment of silence in our minds to realize that we could still feel our soulmates.

They were still there and no matter how difficult it gets, it never actually felt wrong. It was the flame to a fire that we had never expected to keep igniting.

It was always there.

It didn’t matter where we have gone, who we loved, or who loved us—the soulmate was always here, their touch burning our skin and their lips staining our soul.

Our souls are joined to each other, and there was never an option to go back, to take a moment to return to life as we had known it or, worse, to pretend that they have never existed.

So we felt for each other more frequently than the phases of the moon, although just as luminously. We made love and ran away; we shared our secrets and then pretended there was nothing special in the way we spoke. We laughed, then made the choice to forget they had become our greatest reason to smile.

We danced the waltz of love’s impossibility.

After all this time, and all of the wounds that had to heal, we still haven’t discovered the motive of our souls that came into our life. Although we have listed all of the reasons of why we shouldn’t love, we still do.

Time and time again.

Maybe, we will tire out our link, or we will finally receive a sign of why we aren’t where we are meant to be. None of those endings really happens.

Despite the mirage of time and the downfall of our own humanness, we are still drawn to our soulmate, the one who came into our lives and changed everything by doing nothing special.

At least, we have surrendered to the relationship that we have never been able to define or label, and simply we accepted this love as a gift to us and as a part of our divine purpose.

The reality is, no matter how hard we try, we just can’t break up with a soulmate.

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