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The Ritual For The Aries New Moon Reveals Your New You

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by Conscious Reminder

The Aries New Moon will be starting on 5th April. It is a New Moon that will wake us up and put us back on the path of our destiny.

It is during the New Moon period that we will be able to surrender our old manners and start walking down a new path.

But if you are really looking forward to going down the new path– you have to surrender yourself to the Cosmos.

This ritual is meant to prepare you for this entry and help you in becoming one with the energy of the Aries New Moon. It will be best if the ritual is undertaken from 5th April to 14th April 2019.


  • Your choice of cleansing tool (palo santo, sage, oils, incenses, etc.)
  • Candles: 2
  • Paper pieces: 2-3
  • Pen
  • A bowl of water
  • A pair of scissors


1. First, you have to cleanse your own aura with your choice of tool. While cleansing you should recite:

“I want to get cleansed. I do not want any negativity to come within me. I will be free. As I am cleansing myself, I will let the energy flow from my toes to my head. Peace will come over me. I will grow light. I will get restored.”

When you are starting to cleanse the aura in your surroundings, you should recite this mantra:

“I am cleansing these areas and letting all the light shine on it. I will cleanse it from all the heavy sounds. This space is now secure and cleansed. It is prepared to accept the new. Lightness is all around me.”

2. As you place all your ingredients before you, take deep breaths and keep your body and mind at peace. You can meditate for ten minutes too.

3. After finishing your meditation, you have to light one candle. It will indicate the ‘old’. Pick one paper piece and cut it into six strips.

4. You have to write these sentences on each strip of paper and fill the blanks. Don’t overanalyze – just go forward with the energy flow.

  • I will let go of _______ that does not help me reach my greatest good.
  • My old personality continues to recommend this _________, but now, I am letting go of it.
  • My ego rules over a part of me, making me feel ___________ but now, I let my heart take me down another route.
  • I had been afraid of __________ but now, I am brave enough to make things happen.
  • I have a lot of desires to _____________, but now, I will let things that I need come to me.
  • Struggles regarding _______________ are keeping me down, but now, I deliver this struggle of mine unto the Cosmos and I know it will take care of me.

5. As you keep the six papers in your palms, start by reading the first one. Then, put the paper in the flame and let it burn. This is a kind of release and a way to surrender to the Cosmos. Once you feel that the paper is getting too hot, throw it in the water bowl. Do the same thing for the remaining papers.

6. Once all the papers are burnt, announce ‘Thank you’ and then extinguish the candle. Now, keep it on one side.

7. Light up the next candle. This will indicate the ‘New’. Pick up the other paper sheet. Rip it into eight pieces.

8. Write the following sentences in each of the paper strips and fill the blanks.

  • Guide me and bring a lot more __________ in my life.
  • Help me so that I listen to the intuitive self more when I face ___________________.
  • I believe that _____________ is actually a part of the soul path and now I will trust it more.
  • I’m grateful for ____________ and ______________ and __________________.
  • I will do ______________ to improve self-care.
  • I know that __________________ experience was destined for me so that I could grow better.
  • My New self will do ______________________
  • I will be ___________________________

9. Keep the strips in your palms, recite aloud the first one and put it on the flame. It is how you seal the desire. Your wishes will go into the heavens. Once the paper becomes too hot, you can drop it into the bowl of water. Now, repeat the process for all the strips.

10. As the candle burns, place your hand on your heart and say:

“The Cosmos can guide me. I will surrender myself to it. I know the path. The hidden knowledge is within me. The answers and directions are all within me. I request the Cosmos and my angels to send signs to me when I stray so that I am well guided. I wish that my journey will be effortless. I need to move forward. Thanks to you all.”

11. Now, take three deep breaths so that you can seal off your work. Let the candle burn and keep attending it while you are in the room. You can light up the same candle later on too so that the new keeps getting activated.

12. For closing the ritual, dispose of the papers and the water try to dispose of them in the earth. But if you are unable to do so, you can throw the water down your sink or just put the papers up for recycling. For the old candle, you can keep it and make use of it for other rituals, but you have to cleanse its aura well before using it.

Let the Newness of the New Moon come to you.

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