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These 6 Zodiac Signs Will Be Most Affected By April’s Aries New Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

Another New Moon is on the way to come, and with it, a lot of energies will be changing.

This New Moon, happening on the 5th of April, is going to be in the sign of Aries, while every one of us is going to be facing various things, and their final result is going to be worth the fight.

The Aries New Moon will have every one of us working harder in order to move forward, and also reevaluating our own lives.

Here are the six signs of the Zodiac that the Aries New Moon is going to affect the most:


In fact, the things which go on in the lives of the people born under this sign were pretty hectic. The upcoming New Moon will be their fresh beginning they were dying for. They will be thinking a lot about their future and permit the energies in front of them to get everything in order. At the time of this lunar cycle, they will have more capabilities than before it.


Lately, the people born under this sign were feeling stuck, and it will show. The New Moon will sweep them off of their feet and also teach them how they can get where they want, simply if they permit it to. They shouldn’t be stubborn during the weeks which follow this lunar cycle, as a lot of things are happening, and refusing to take part means that nothing is ever going to get done. They deserve more than they usually want to accept and have to change.


The experiences of the people born under Cancer with New Moons will be positive just like they want them to be. They will get certain news which may change more for them than they can realize at the moment. The New Moon will show them that expanding their mind, and also thinking freely, will not be that complicated as they make it be.


The people born under the sign of Libra have many things on their minds and are prepared to get every situation before they dealt with. With saying this, nothing will happen overnight. The New Moon will slow them down and also remind them that they are just humans. Time isn’t on their side, and it will never be. They should give themselves more credit right where it is needed.


The New Moon will bring out the emotional side of Scorpios. While they usually try to cut themselves off and stay back, they won’t have the ability to do so in the following few days. They will cultivate the proper sense of self in many different ways than they could ever imagine. Of course, the entire transition is going to be a bit intense and complicated, but generally said it is going to bring positive changes in their lives.


The people born under Pisces are about to feel pretty of their game. When they dwell on that more, the things are going to become worse. They need to work hard in order to accept themselves in a way they normally don’t. The April New Moon will bring some tensions and heavy energies, so these people shouldn’t act without thinking first.

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