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5 Ways To Identify An Empath Among People

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Empaths feel the world as a force that drives them. The feelings and emotions of the universe appeal to them in ways only they can understand.

Empaths have a keen understanding of the world and of human emotions. They can feel the emotions of people around them.

Their helpful and nurturing personalities make them the ideal companions. Do you think that you are in the presence of an empath? Check out these five signs to be sure:

1. They Don’t Tolerate Dishonesty

Empaths can see through your lies. They can sense if you’re speaking the truth or being dishonest about something.

They understand human feelings in a much deeper way than other ordinary human beings. You cannot have your way through an empath by lying to him/her. They can sense the tensions you’re going through in your mind.

2. Crowds are Overwhelming

Empaths do not feel their best amidst a crowd. They do not work well with a lot of people around them. Empaths mostly tend to love solitude. They prefer being loners rather than constantly keeping in touch with everyone they know.

They avoid crowds as much as they can. Being in a crowd can be quite draining for them as they absorb a lot of emotions from people around them.

3. They’re Happy When They’re Helping

Empaths are extremely helpful people. They will encourage you to be better and do better. They derive happiness from being nurturers. They believe in the goodness of giving and helping people in pain.

4. They’re Authentic

Empaths are genuine people. They do not pretend to be someone that they are not.

Empaths are blatantly honest and do not hold back from expressing themselves. They do not live in the shadow of constructed personalities. This quality makes them a perfect confidante.

5. They Love Animals

One of the most striking and positive qualities of empaths is their connection to animals. They feel a strong sense of belonging in nature in all its forms. They absolutely love animals. You’ll see them stroking and petting a stray dog or a cat and even adopting one or two.

Animals too respond well to them. They don’t run away or turn aggressive. Empaths feel secure around the innocent animals, a feeling that is not quite like what they experience when around humans.

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