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The 2022 June Strawberry Full Moon: What Does It Mean Spiritually?

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by Conscious Reminder

Exactly in the middle of the month, we will have the Full Moon on June 14th, Tuesday.

June is going to be very active cosmically since it saw the end of a Mercury retrograde, the beginning of a Saturn retrograde, as well as marks the official start of summer (the solstice).

Traditionally known as the Strawberry moon, the sweet lunation will also be a supermoon this time. This time it will rise in Sagittarius in the middle of the Gemini season. Since it will be spring’s last full moon, its call for release will be particularly strong.

Working with this energy will let us align ourselves with the natural cycles and their energetic flows.

The Spiritual Significance Of This Lunation

The traditional name “strawberry” is given to all full moons that rise in June. The name originates from North America where strawberries’ ripening season starts this month. Astrologically, this lunation will be an opportunity to act on our goals for the halfway point of the year. Consequently, we will also be able to reap our rewards for the effort we put in.

Other historical monikers for this lunation include “Blooming”, “Honey”, and “Rose”. All of them point to the lingering sweetness around us during this time.

Similar to the epithets, this is a time to immerse ourselves in our accomplishments and let our hopes and expectations for the future ripen. It is a celebration of our present progress and growth as we get ready for brand new adventures.

As per the zodiacal arrangements, Gemini season is closely related to paying minute attention to every detail. However, Sagittarius’ influence means this lunation is asking us to look past what is in our immediate vicinity.

It asks us to start plotting a route to that mystical gold pot sitting at a rainbow’s end. This is the time to expand horizons, shift personal paradigms, and aim as high as you can. Set the most optimistic intentions you can right now and do not rest with the lowest you can reach.

At the same time, don’t lose all awareness as elusive Neptune is making a difficult connection with this lunation. This means things can be difficult to see. However, Saturn is making a sextile aspect filled with a gentleness that will surely aid us to stay grounded, despite the heights at which our heads and spirits may be.

Even if there will not be any close connections with Mars or Venus, there can be some romantic sparks. During the lunation, Venus and Uranus will align which means unexpected twists in romance or sudden shifts in values.

On other hand, Mars and Chiron will align, making us particularly sensitive about the past and any possible emotional threats. Be careful because this tendency can make us lash out as an act of defense. However, keep the heart open to changes that may rock relationships and spark new connections.

Working With The Strawberry Full Moon Energy

Since it is taking place exactly in the middle of 2022, it is a great time to reflect back on our accomplishments so far. At the same time, take this chance to clear the slate for the latter half of 2022. Spend time thinking about your yearly resolutions and the progress you made on them.

Also, this will be the first full moon after the destabilizing eclipse season ended. Take the chance to get witchy and do release rituals or meditate using healing crystals.

This lunation serves to remind us of the sweetness of life and our sowed seeds will one day grow into fascinating nourishing gems. The June 2022 Strawberry Full Moon is the rainbow after a storm.

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