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5 Ways In Which Astrology Connects With Modern Youth In India

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by Mohan,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

“Whatever you can rightly say about India, the opposite is also true” said Joan Robinson a noted economist from Cambridge.

When we think a bit on this we start to wonder how true it is! This great nation of ours is a study in paradoxes. We launch satellites at the lowest cost in the world but think nothing of offering prayers before or after a successful launch. We have written programs to conduct epooja for those who cannot do the physical one; why, we have even programmed computers to calculate our horoscope!

In any other country, these extreme contrasts would have been frowned upon or even condemned. But the Indian mind is unique, it has the capacity to stay rooted to our tradition and values while embracing the benefits of science with no second thoughts.

This article is an effort to understand how astrology with its deep rooted practice in India stays relevant and makes a connect with the modern youth in the Indian context.

1. Astrology as a reference point

For many Indian youth, astrology is a reference point. They prepare for the most advanced careers in science and find it equally reasonable to check with the family astrologer before embarking on the application process. The idea that science and astrology cannot walk with each other has been busted by these youth effortlessly. It is like additional armour when you fight.  It is also a fact that many who profess a lack of belief in astrology, turn towards it in their middle and old age!

2. Astrology as a common thread

Youth connect on many interest levels. Love of music, reading, social media, choice of career, place of living, fans of a particular sporting team and even as followers of the same political party! We can comfortably add astrology to this list of common connectors. Astrology is still very important in Indian marriages, even if it is a marriage of hearts! In social media, one can see groups on astrology where youth take part actively and discuss with likeminded friends.

3. Astrology as a fashion statement

This title might surprise a few but one just has to look around to confirm the point I make! Youth today, flaunt their sun signs and other astrology related content in a variety of ways. You see them as pendants, bracelets, coffee mugs, or in cleverly worded zodiac T-shirts that innovative companies market online. Custom-made astrology related gifts flood Amazon and Flipkart. It is a strong statement that youth today have a connect with astrology, perhaps not in a scholarly sense but definitely familiar and comfortable in looking to astrology for solutions.

4. Astrology as a Support System

Everyone needs a net to catch us when we fall, figuratively. Family is a great support system, so are friends. Astrology has been that net for ages, catching people who are facing issues and feeling low and offering support from the wisdom gained over a thousand years. It offers a way to mitigate our sorrow and correct our wrongs. It also offers peace and solace to the mind when rituals prescribed astrologically are performed with commitment. The idea of combining acts of goodness as a catharsis for one’s deeds in the past and as a way forward is a psychological healing touch offered by astrology. Modern youth, with their career related pressures and a huge demand on their time find astrology as a support system.

5. Astrology out of curiosity

Finally, there are these groups of youth who turn to astrology out of curiosity. Astrology is a well-documented field with volumes of books written about it in detail. Some youth chance on it and are fascinated by the knowledge and keep pursuing it. Many come in via the weekly astrology prediction on papers with a thirst to learn more and stay on and learn. Whichever may be the reason, astrology with its manifold views and possibilities is an interesting study and Indian youth are catching on fast!

When we come to think about it, astrology truly reflects the Indian soul. Everything and its opposite!

Author Bio: Mohan is a a Junior Associate at Swag Swami, an online E-Commerce portal for funky T Shirt in India. He is also an Astrology enthusiast who loves to connect the dots between ancient wisdom and modern thinking. He also practices Yoga and Meditation regularly and teaches Yoga to young kids at the Cosmopolitian Center in India

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