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8 Showing Signs of a Toxic Friendship You Need to Get Rid of Right Away

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by Conscious Reminder

Friends are the family we choose and friendships are the most supportive relationships one can have. But how to know if your friend is really a well wisher or not? Here are 8 signs to look out for:

#1 Negative Criticism

Feedback is one thing, but deliberately putting you down all the time is a sign of a toxic friendship. They should be helping you overcome your insecurities not solidify them.

#2 Excessive Blaming

We are all humans and we can slip. However, if you feel that you are being made to be the only one who makes mistakes, then it means the other person is not owing up to their own.

#3 Trying to Control you

Giving advice and helping you make decisions is a whole lot different than making every decision for you. It would be suffocating for you and you should get out of it asap.

#4 Isolating you

If they want you only for themselves and won’t let you share your time, you should be looking for the next exit lane, soon.

#5 Pointed Humiliation

There is difference of an entire world between friendly, teasing banter and shaming in public. Recognize it and explain it your friend if you feel like you are always being made fun of.

#6 Projecting their own shortcomings

Projection of unfulfilled desired and undesirable values is not limited to romantic relationships. It is also found in friendships and is equally dangerous.

#7 Inconsistency

Mood swings apart, if you feel that you are dealing with an entirely new person every time you meet, it might be a sign of highly in flux Personality and is not easy to deal with.

#8 Emotional Blackmailing

Friends know your emotional vulnerabilities, but they will never use them to push you to do things you don’t want to. A friend’s love and support is unconditional and is not a variable depending on how much you please them.

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