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The Meaning Of Twin Flame Number 1818: Financial Differences

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With the use of numerology, you can study what the numbers of twin flames, the ones which appear to you through synchronicity, mean.

This Universe offers significant guidance to you on how you can move ahead in the relationship with your twin flame.

In order to see the guidance that you were offered, you have to dig deeper into numerology and find the meaning of 1818 as a number of twin flames.

The 1818 number of twin flames and its essence

In order to find the true meaning of this number, you have to break down its numerological meaning. This can be done by straightforward mathematics.

The main goal actually is to reduce this number, and you can do that to just one digit number or also to master numbers such as 11, or 22, or 33, and so on. This will be done by summing digits.

The reducing of the number 1818 will go in the following way:  1818, 1 + 8 + 1 + 8 = 18, 1 + 8 = 9.

The number’s core essence would be 9. After that, you should look at the so-called augmenting numbers that are other constituents which alter the essence’s meaning. This provides the authentic message of the number 1818. The number 1 and the number 8 are augmenting numbers.

Here are the ideas and meanings which combine in the number 1818:

9 – Idealism, humanitarianism, compassion, and generosity;

1 – Independence, self-reliance, leadership, and control;

8 – Business or enterprise, confidence, materialism, and money.

The way in which you will apply this number’s meaning to life is going to depend completely on your authentic situation. But, when you are not sure what you should look for, seeing the links may be quite difficult.

Here is an example which will show you how the number 1818 of twin flames could apply to the possible relationship of twin flames.

The 1818 number of twin flames: Money could be a problem in the relationship with your twin flame.

Although such relationships are ideal relationships between equal individuals, some parts of living together may encroach this particular ideal. For example, if your twin flame contributes more to your finances than you and earns more money, problems may start appearing.

This number tells you that you have to get over this. In fact, the problem will not be that he or she earns more than you, particularly if you have to take care of your kids or you work only part-time.

Actually, the issue is that inequality may cause resentment in your partner and submissiveness or defensiveness in you. The simple solution would be showing generosity and compassion.

You have to remember that you are one team so that you have to see the efforts as one team. You should talk through these problems before they actually become quite emotionally charged.

What is going to help you in finding the right solution would be talking respectfully and calmly before the whole situation becomes overcomplicated. You should also acknowledge the way both of you feel, and then decide how you will proceed when it comes to finances and money.

You should even find a way in which you will make sure that both of you feel like you equally contribute to your household, regardless of the fact if it is a financial contribution or otherwise.

You need to remember that communication is vital in any good relationship between twin flames.

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Doesn’t anyone know the artist who painted the piece on this page. Where can I find the complete piece of art; my twin flame and I want to get a tattoo of it. Any information would be greatly appreciate!


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