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Cyclic Cosmology Theory: Controversial New Theory Says Our Universe Is Just One Of Many Previous Universes

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by Conscious Reminder

From space documentaries, to sci-fi films and TV shows, space has always been on the modern man’s mind.

And this is not something new; this process started when the first ape looked up to the sky in wonder and saw trillions of stars in the clear night sky.

Our preoccupation with space and its origins is as old as our preoccupation with our own origins. Every world religion has a canon of its own creation myths that form a huge part of today’s myth literature.

The same has given rise to science fiction and further speculation regarding the origin of everything that we see around us.

There have been many brilliant minds that have worked on this problem, in the world of physics; that being the field that primarily works on things like that.

Among them is the brilliant mind of Robert Penrose. He was one of the many associates who worked with the late Professor Stephen Hawking. Penrose has recently propounded a new theory that is totally in line with major oriental religions: the myth of cyclical creation and destructions of the universe.

Penrose calls this the conformal cyclic cosmological theory (CCC). 

In laymen terms, the theory suggests that at a certain point in time, there is a big bang event that creates matter and sends particles hurtling through the universe. This creates stars, galaxies and other celestial objects. After living out their lifespan, these bodies reach a state of entropy. This is when things collapse and start falling inwards.

Soon after this, what is left of the universe are particles, simple ones, like in the primal universe before the big bang, making the conditions optimal for another similar big bang event.

This theory also claims that marks would be left in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) to basically help prove its validity. These marks are like cosmic footprints of events that happened long back.

Penrose in a recently published article claims to have found said footprints.

Read the abstract here:

This paper presents powerful observational evidence of anomalous individual points in the very early universe that appears to be sources of vast amounts of energy, revealed as specific signals found in the CMB sky. Though seemingly problematic for cosmic inflation, the existence of such anomalous points is an implication of conformal cyclic cosmology (CCC), as what could be the Hawking points of the theory, these being the effects of the final Hawking evaporation of supermassive black holes in the aeon prior to ours. Although of extremely low temperature at emission, in CCC this radiation is enormously concentrated by the conformal compression of the entire future of the black hole, resulting in a single point at the crossover into our current aeon, with the emission of vast numbers of particles, whose effects we appear to be seeing as the observed anomalous points. Remarkably, the B-mode location found by BICEP 2 is at one of these anomalous points.

Only time will tell, if he is right.

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