Rounding Up Eclipse Season: Today’s Leo Solar Eclipse Will Catapult Us Into The Stratosphere

by Conscious Reminder

This season has seen all of us putting out lives in order and with this New Moon, we are ready to start our new journeys.

We will find ourselves using all the knowledge that we have gained in the past two months to improve our lives and who we are as people.

More than starting a new journey, we are all going to feel like we’ve been thrown onto a rollercoaster ride with little to no warning. We’ll almost be into 2019 by the time we figure out our destinations. This is going to be a fast-paced period quite unlike the previous stages of our lives.

Over and above the New Moon’s power, when combined with the solar eclipse, its impact will be that much more lasting and powerful.

You are going to be saying farewell to people and objects previously connected to you. At the same time, you are yet to encounter all the new people and open all the new doors that are waiting for you.

Currently, we are in the Leo/Aquarius Cycle that began in February 2017 and we have come to the second last Eclipse that is part of it.

It all started with much being revealed and many stories ending during a Lunar Eclipse at 22 Leo which is only some degrees removed from the current Eclipse. There will be parallels between happened then and will happen now.

This Eclipse will not be the same as the previous two. It will not strip you clean like the Cancer Solar Eclipse in July. Nor will it cause chaos like the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse, at least not at the same level.

Intellect and strategy characterize the Leo Solar Eclipse. The combination of New Moon and Mercury in retrograde will leave us reflecting on all that has happened and bring many memories to the surface. At the same time, we will learn many things while also facing issues with all kinds of machinery.

Pallas Athena, an asteroid, will bring the Sun, Moon, and Mercury together. She is wise, able, and better at fighting with her mind than with weapons. We will become more conscious of our surroundings and feel a maturity that was not present earlier.

It will not be easy to settle down as much has changed in these last months and some roots have withered away and died. It is important that we make the right decisions on what to do with power but the worst times are already behind us and our burdens are now much lighter.

As for that undercurrent of chaos, the Eclipse does stand a chance of creating some disruption and changes that may not be welcome. Farewells are to be expected with every eclipse as darkness takes over the light. This chaos comes from Mars moving towards Uranus, both being aggressive and temperamental.

In between the two, the Moon’s Nodes are also playing a role. Mars’ presence near the South Node is bringing back old memories. The North Node is in Leo and is making way for everything that is to come.

At this moment, a break is needed. There is no point in living in the path. Disturbances and breaks will be visible in all our recent pasts but there are dates which would have been significant for all of us.

Look for these signs and be cautious as Mars will move directly towards the last week of the month and will once again activate the 15/16 degrees of May. It will square with Uranus all through the next month.

A feeling of destiny is present during this eclipse. It’s a positive emotion which ensures that our new paths look welcoming.

Concentrate on what you truly desire as you wander through your path. Something that you have been hoping for, for a long time is waiting for you at the end and you need to ensure that you do not miss this opportunity.

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