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Twin Flames & Number 101: Approaching A New Level

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by Conscious Reminder

From one time to another, we can notice some numbers of twin flames showing us, and their purpose is to help us on our journey and also assist us in the process of flourishing and healing our relationship.

When we see the number 101 of twin flames, we enter a transitional phase in our relationship, and we have to assess the road which we will take.

In order to find out the more profound meaning of this number, because it is related to twin flames, read below:

The numerology of 101 twin flame number

In fact, the nature of every number of twin flames is the sum of the digits it contains, which is the case of 101 is 2.

The number 2 associates with companionship, cooperation, and relationship. More specifically, it also refers to every ideal of shared responsibility and teamwork. The number 101 also has two 1s, and they represent self-reliance, independence, and blessings. The number 1 is also significant for twin flames because it actually symbolizes each of them.

The number 11 is mostly seen as a number of twin flames because it also resembles the mirrored souls’ concept. The number 0 is actually a transitional one, as it marks dramatic changes which are about to come soon.

101: Prepare ourselves for transitions to new stages

When we see this number, it means that we are about to shift into the transitional stage meant for us before we move on to another new chapter. Just like every twin flame knows, progress lies at the relationship’s core.

But, that does not mean that everything is going to be easy. In fact, moving to the greener pastures usually involves arduous journeys with many sacrifices.

There are always going to be difficult times in our relationships with twin flames so that we have to get ready for such eventuality and also know that it is actually transient.

Permitting such transitional stages to arrive without being adequately prepared will leave us open to sadness and pain. We should both sit down in order to calmly discuss all the problems right before they are too emotionally charged, overcoming the troubles which come on our way.

Although it seems counterproductive when it comes to bringing up problems when the things are really good between us, the best thing would be to repair that boat before we hit some stormy waters.

101: Picking our direction

The journey of twin flames is different for everybody, and we, together with our twin flame, will build our journey’s directions.

While we deal with all those effects brought by a transition, we forget to take a look at their ways of going. Our priority should be to sit down and plan our future during such times.

This will not just help us remember what we do this, but it may even be an excellent way of fostering our connection and speeding up the entire process.

Everything is about taking all the time that we need in order to realize where we are going, not only in our relationship but also in our lives. A lot of people sleepwalk in their lives, although they never wanted.

We already found our twin flame, which means that we should not make excuses for not controlling our destiny.

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