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Venus Transit Gemini June 8th—July 3rd: Feelings & Desires Get Shape And Clarity

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by Conscious Reminder

When the planet Venus moves in the sign of Gemini, variety will be life’s spice.

Venus is a planet which guides people’s desires, love lives, and financial tendencies, which means that when she transits this diverse sign, people will be presented with new possibilities and options.

Venus is more about people’s hearts, while Gemini is about their minds. Rather than clashing, these two diverse energies combine in order to actually put an intellectual and communicative spin on people’s relationships and interactions.

It will not be about rolling around in their feelings – with Gemini and Venus, the best way to come to the heart of a person will be through his or her mind.

When the planet Venus enters Gemini?

When this happens, we are going to feel like someone has turned the lights on. All of a sudden, we are going to have greater clarity and openness in everything that makes us happy.

In fact, it will be about variety, and also about experiencing not only one, but numerous pleasure paths.

Love will also take on a cerebral and more lighthearted tone when the planet Venus will move through the sign of Gemini.

Rather than connecting over some intense passions, and profound physical attractions, we are going to be drawn to the lovers that are going to thrill our own minds.

Also, communicating with the help of long conversations or playful texts will keep us interested and stimulated in learning something more. For the people that are dating, this will be a fantastic time to meet someone new and share the stories of their lives.

However, for those that are in relationships, this planet in the powerful Gemini will help them learn something new about one another and put an accent on the excitement.

In order to stay focused and interested, Gemini will need variety, so relationships which lack energy may not be able to survive this particular transit.

In fact, this is not the time to process or commit their undying love – it will be more about enjoying all those opportunities which are available to all of us.

When it comes to money, Gemini and Venus will encourage us to spend our finances on things which are going to enrich our brain and also energize our spirit – those things can be books, tickets to comedy shows, or games as well.

What if we have been born with this Venus – Gemini transit?

Those of us who were born during this transit is the so-called social butterflies. Our openness to explore and experience blesses us with more chances than others. We believe in living our lives lightly, and we are willing actually to take everything that comes.

When talking about love, our heads will come first, while our hearts will come second. We like spending time getting to know new people and learning something more about them, rather than jumping with our head into passionate love affairs without thinking twice.

We should weigh our options quite heavily in order to ensure the relationship will be worth our energy and time.

We will be drawn to the lovers that are humorous, optimistic, and who also love life. When a person is unexpected, we will be more interested.

Boredom is our version of hell, and when a relationship comes to a dreary point, we are going to cut our losses and start searching for something which is going to bring greater excitement to our lives.

Those of us who are born with the planet Venus in the sign of Gemini usually feel two different sides to ourselves – the light side which this world can see, and the dark side which no one can see.

The Venus in the sign of Gemini period has the following traits: open-minded, light-hearted, playful, social, communicative, exploratory, stimulating, diverse, and optimistic.

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