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Ritual For June’s Gemini New Moon: Connect With The Truth

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

On 3rd June, the new moon will be coming in Gemini. It is an alignment which will make us come in tune with the truth.

We are going to peel away our delusions and lies and acquire new wisdom. However, this ritual will make you be more connected to the truth. It is going to bring you closer to what you hold in your heart.

Ritual For Gemini New Moon

For best results, conduct this ritual from 2nd June to 10th June.


  • Your choice of cleansing tool
  • White or blue candle
  • A pen and two paper pieces
  • Paints or colored pens
  • Clear crystal (white and blue color will be acceptable)

What to do?

1. Start by cleansing your own aura with your cleansing tool. While cleansing, decide a mantra:

“I’m cleansing myself with love and light. The energy that I do not need will be leaving me now. I’m now feeling completely recharged.

Now, you have to cleanse your ingredients and surroundings. Recite:

“I’m cleansing this entire area with love and light. Only love will stay here. Peace may enter. This entire place is now completely cleansed and secure.

2. Light up the candle and sit near it. Gaze at the flame and calm your mind. Take ten deep breaths to align your mind and body and soul.

3. Rub the crystal in your hands. Feel the energy transferring to you. The crystal will get warm in your hands.

4. Place the warm crystal to one side. Place the left hand on the throat. Breathe twice or thrice and recite:

“My throat and heart are aligned. The energy flows through it freely. The communication between my throat and heart is a gift. It will connect me with the truth. I’m ready for it.”

5. Shut your eyes and then, think that your hand is shining a blue light on your throat. It is also bringing a white light on your heart space. While imagining this, take eleven breaths.

6. Now, take your hands away from your throat and arm yourself with the pen. Take one piece of paper and note down ten things you want in your life. Write and read them aloud.

7. Fold and place the paper under the crystal. Now, take the other paper and note down certain pointers that will set your intention for this month. Prompts could be like:

  • I will invite ________ in my life this month.
  • I will create ________ in my life this month.
  • This month, my intention will be __________.

Be creative as you write these down. Don’t hold yourself back. Decorate your intentions with colored pens.

8. Calm your mind by meditating for about ten minutes.

9. As soon as you are calm, extinguish the candles and keep the paper under the crystal for 3 days. Remove the paper on the third day and keep it away for safety.

Let this ritual help you with the truth.

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