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Your Dreams Are Your Inner Guidance

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by Conscious Reminder

Dreams are not just fantasies and visions but they hold answers to your inner conflicts and reveal truths. They maintain your inner balance, to help you heal and make you better.

Through dreams you can connect with your true self and God. Carl Jung said that within us lies a “little hidden door” and those who are able to reach to that door are in touch with their spiritual self. If you can analyze the clues and symbols then you can open that door.

Freud said that dreams are the passage to the “unconscious”. Your unconscious fears, hopes, desire have a huge effect on your outer life. Charcot says that analyzing our dreams can guide us through the difficulties in life.

Dreams provide information regarding your positive and negative traits and also whether you are looking for balance in your life.

It can show why you are suffering or are upset, why certain things are not working out for you and can also give warnings regarding future events. Often dreams provide glimpses of past or future as well.

If you wish to remember your dreams, ask yourself after waking up “What was I dreaming?” and note them down in a diary or record yourself. It’s best to keep your eyes closed and not get out of bed in order to be surrounded by the similar comfort and warmth to ensure that you remember properly.

It will take a while to efficiently remember your dreams but once you do so practice lucid dreaming, to alter your attitude and behavior. Meditation helps in shifting between different states of consciousness.

Jungian analyst Ernest Rossi identifies seven layers in dreams, each more complex than the other. The first stage sees the dreamer as a passive observer.

However as it progresses and reaches the final stage, which includes lucid dreaming, the dreamer is seen to re-programme genetic expression.

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