9 Signs Someone Has Been Emotionally Manipulating You

by Conscious Reminder

Although emotional manipulation does not seem serious to many people, it can be quite a big deal. In fact, when a person we care about is manipulating us emotionally, they abuse us on levels we are not supposed to deal with.

Actually, emotional manipulation may have some lasting effects, coming with huge deception.

Here are the nine signs which indicate that we are the victim of our relationship and that we are emotionally manipulated:

Our partner will always say one thing but will do another.

In fact, toxic people will really love to simply say one thing but do another. When we are closer, we have more chances to notice this. Our partner will sell us the best possible story; however, when they don’t accept to actually follow through, what is the point at all?

Our partner will always lie to us over some small things.

Our partner is not supposed to lie to us. If he or she withholds information or changes things around, sometimes on small levels too, we have to see that as a sign. There is definitely no sense in going out of our way in order to make up stories when the only truth was not that bad.

We don’t feel like our emotions are quite valid.

Every time we are angry or upset, our partner will downplay everything. In fact, it will be like he or she will not care about how we feel, and he or she will tell us that we are overreacting. But, the way we feel isn’t something they will worry about, and we have to see that as a sign too.

We feel like we give our partner one chance after another without seeing changes at all.

If we have given our partners several chances, and they never really made real changes, we are beating a dead horse. We definitely deserve someone that will put effort and time into our relationship. This kind of person will be worth wasting our time on.

Our partners will give us the silent treatment when we don’t accept to actually give in.

When we disagree with our partners and tell them about their wrongdoings all the time, they are not going to speak to us. This will leave us feeling like we need to give in so that we can get back on their good side. When this remains for a more extended period, we will feel even worse.

We feel like our partners always use our weaknesses against us.

Our partners like to let us speak first, in order to use our weak points present in our words as their weapons. In this way, they will make us feel like we are in something really wrong. We aren’t a toy, which means that they are not supposed to take advantage of our weaknesses in this way.

Our partners are always going everything they can to make us feel guilty.

In fact, when our partners do something for us, but we refuse to actually do the same for them soon, they will guilt trip us. Every single thing they are doing for us will be something they will see as the tool which may be utilized over our head. We aren’t able to ignore their requirements, and that will be a reason enough to leave.

Our partners always play the victims.

When we tell them that they are wrong, they will flip everything around on us. This means that they play the victims, and they use it in order to make us feel bad for them. In fact, they also believe that when they do this, they are going to have the ability to convince us to really forget about everything we have been mad about.

Our partners become angry quickly and never give us the chance to explain how things are.

When we are with someone that plays with our emotions, he or she is always going to lash out right when something does not go as it should. This is often because it will change the situation’s mood, leaving us trying actually to calm him or her down instead of resolving the problem.

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