Is The Koala Your Spirit Animal: Consider Taking It Slow

by Conscious Reminder

The appearance of the koala in our lives as our spirit animal will be a message which will tell us that we have to simply slow down, and take the needed time in order to reconnect with nature and with our energies.

This marsupial is native to the country of Australia, and it lives an arboreal lifestyle, as it hangs from one branch to another of its most-loved eucalyptus tree. The possibility of finding koalas sleeping instead of munching on the leaves of the eucalyptus tree is greater.

This adorable little critter is able to sleep for more than 20 hours during the day, conserving energies between its meals by simply slowing down its metabolism.

Koalas indicate that we should slow down.

The slower lifestyles are probably symbolic of our needs to pace ourselves much better. We also have to plan our time better, even though we have to make sure that we do not utilize “planning” as our excuse for simply not following some significant tasks.

We were working harder than we should, and we come dangerously close toward burning out. In fact, overworking may leave us lacking focus and stressed, burdening us with some negative energies which are only going to worsen the entire situation.

Stressing about our day may cause insomnia, so taking some time for ourselves and sleeping more than we do will be worth it.

Sleep will be essential to our physical health because it is actually the period when our body recovers, digests food and heals from our day. But, proper sleep will definitely be more significant for our spiritual health, because it would be during our dreams that many people can best reach their spiritual selves.

The koala as our spirit animal will also remind us of our connection to Mother Nature, and also the significance it has to our soul. We should spend more time in the wildness, and rejuvenate our energies by becoming the one with our Mother Earth.

Also, it stresses the necessity for a protective, comfortable, and safe home where we can live. This world can sometimes be a really stressful place, which means that our homes will need to be cleansed from it.

The meaning of koala dreams.

The meaning of koala dreams relates to our feeling of control and independence, sometimes indicating our desire to return to our childhood when this world was not such a difficult place to live in. It also tells about our fears of failure or our urge to simply avoid the risk by not attempting.

When this world becomes too challenging and stressful for us, what we will do is craving to return to our childhood. Returning to childhood will be an excellent way of unwinding. Permitting ourselves to indulge our inner child may help us clear any negative energy from our aura.

But, if we use this return as our way of avoiding adult responsibility, then it may become damaging. We should acknowledge our fears and also face them with our head on.

It would be better to fail than never try so that not facing our fears of failure will be counterproductive.

When we dream koalas, we should try reducing the stress present in our lives to some manageable levels, keeping our aura clear, particularly from all those negative energies by healing it regularly.

If we don’t do that, we may miss opportunities, retreat inwards, and also become stagnant in our career and even on our spiritual journey.

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