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How To Summon Angels Using Candles

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by Conscious Reminder

Every person in this world has guardian angels, and those guardian angels may come in various forms. A person can have many guardian angels, and each of them has a different purpose or function in the life of that person. 

Although guardian angels usually stay aside and help people when they see that they need help, sometimes, people will have to call on them. Knowing how to call on our guardian angels is very important.

In fact, there are many different ways which we can use in order to call on our guardian angels, together with the powers which are associated with them. However, the easiest one for one person will not be the easiest one for another person and the opposite.

For many of us, working with the so-called color magic, or finding methods which suit us will be the best possible option.

Here, we will explain how we can use candle color ‘magic’ in order to call on our guardian angels.

Here are the three steps:

Step 1: We should create our altar.

Although this sounds complicated, it isn’t. We should simply choose some place that we feel comfortable. Then, we should surround ourselves with things which make us feel relaxed and at peace. We should make sure that we are right where we have to be in order to do the work.

After that, when we are supposed to call on our angels or the powers of our angels, we should know what we would like to gain from all this. We have to spend a small amount of time thinking about the things we are trying to gain and manifest.

Step 2: We should choose our color(s).

When we have chosen the location, and we have set our altar, the following step would be to choose the color of the candles we would like to work with.

Every color has an association with different energies, so we have to ensure that we choose the appropriate one. We are allowed to choose more colors, not just one, but separating the different colors, and doing them separately is recommended.

  • Silver – Assisting us financially;
  • Black – Releasing negativity;
  • Pink – Healing our emotions;
  • Gray – Respect;
  • Brown – Connection and unity;
  • White – Forgiveness;
  • Red – Time/pause to think;
  • Orange – The power of positive things;
  • Green – Hope, and growth;
  • Blue – Cleansing;
  • Indigo – The power of memory/mind;
  • Violet – Honesty;
  • Yellow – Inner power and strength;
  • Gold – Healing and good health.

Step 3: Calling on the angels or their powers.

When we have finally decided where we would like to go on the journey, we have to call on our angels connected with the energies or colors we have chosen. We may do that in many different ways.

We can light our candle in our peaceful area and start meditating on it. We should spend some time speaking with our angel and telling our angel what we are facing; however, we can even write everything down and then burn the paper using the candle.

When we do this, we are going to feel free, just like some weight was removed off our shoulders.

Although this sounds silly to people that aren’t spiritually inclined, it will be very beneficial. For example, if we were dealing with certain things which were dragging us down, our angels are here to help us.

They are actually here for specific reasons, and summoning on them is truly going to make a huge difference in our lives.

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