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Leo Season 2019 Is Here: Let It Burn!

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Welcome, Leo Season!

We have the Sun moving into the Leo sign on 22nd July and it will stay in this fiery sign till 23rd August 2019. Fun is the motto during this season. The Universe invites us to find the innate powers and strength inside us.

What makes you find your inner lioness or lion? What makes you feel its power?

True strength is only found in a happy state of mind. We say struggles make us stronger but a happy person feels their power more intensely.

Happiness brings out our confidence. We feel more open, loving, and empowered to accept challenges. Our worries seem minuscule when we’re truly enjoying ourselves.

The energy of the fiery Leo season is used by the Universe to remind us of the powers of joy. Joy gives us power and strength. It also inspires, motivates, lifts, and heals us.

There is a lot of suffering in our world and we tend to get caught up in them. It is important to remember that while it is a necessity to face our daily struggles and hard realities, we must be careful to avoid getting beaten down by them.

Leo season gives us the time to get a break from all the suffering. This is the time to get out in the world to find inner joy. This joy will give us the motivation to move ahead stronger. We must find our soul and heart again.

The Solar and Lunar Eclipses have had their intense effect upon us all. We need to heal from their effects. Leo Sun affords us just that healing power. Its brightness helps us lighten our loads – of mind and body.

Leo season this August is your time to have fun, find romance, and relax. Go on a mini-vacation or just a date. Learn something new. Do that one thing you always wanted to do but had delayed.

Self-inspiration is key. You have to take the initiative to invite relaxation and love in your life. If you are in love with your own life, you will find new powers. These powers will grant you the motivation to go through the remaining months of this year.

The world is very big outside and there are so many people you can meet, love, and learn from. We get easily distracted by the tragedies of our world for there are many. But we must remember to appreciate the beauty of Mother Earth as well as the humanity around us.

We tend to find the things we are looking for. Because when we focus on them, the energy expands and our thoughts radiate around us. It is the vibration which has radiating energy. These vibrations mold our perspectives of the reality around us.

Focusing on the positivity of joy and love expands our vibrations. With the expanding vibrations, we can become stronger, more powerful, and more confident. It gives us the strength to build our dream life!

Focusing on chaos, destruction, and pain shrinks our vibrations. As we lose our powers, life can easily beat us down. The negativity makes us feel fearful, helpless and hopeless about the future.

Life is about balance. It is normal to venture into the darker side of things. If you feel stuck in such a mental state, this Leo month is your opportunity to push through it all and emerge victoriously.

Allow the light and joy of the season to get in. Allow your inner Queen or King to emerge like Leo.

You are the creator of your journey. Focus on increasing your happiness levels. You can be a vehicle of peace and joy.

Leo is also the ruler of the chakra of the heart. By resting and relaxing, you will give strength to the aura and energy of your heart. A powerful heart will help you stay connected with both the world outside and the soul inside.

The lion can be channelized as the spirit animal which will guide you through life. Keep t simple and elevate your thoughts to bring in joy and love!

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