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Empaths, This Is How To Stay Positive Around Negative Energies

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Do the energies of other people affect us?

Sometimes, we are probably wondering how we can stay positive when we are around negative people, or in this chaotic world.

Also, we are going to notice that we are sensitive to the energies of other people. We can enter a room, feeling what was happening there. Moreover, when we meet someone, we will immediately know what he or she is about.

Although this is our gift, it has its challenges. Being constantly sensitive to the energies of others will be our lifelong lessons in self-care and boundaries. Those who are around anyone and in any different environment, and who succeed in staying undaunted will always amaze us. 

We take things quite personally, and we take the energies of other people just like they were our own. Such people are said to be empaths. If these are our characteristics, we are empaths too.

Being an empath means feeling the emotions and energies of other people just like they are our own. Every person in the world has some degree of empathy in him or her as well.

If we have struggled with some of these things, then we are probably empaths:

  • Feeling exhausted and tired after we were around groups;
  • Over-giving;
  • Experiencing some dramatic mood changes;
  • Being drained right after we help other people;
  • Compassion and fatigue;
  • Wanting to constantly please everyone around us.

We will never experience such things if we are not hardwired to feel sensitive to the energies of other people. To be an empath means to have a very remarkable gift. Empaths possess emotional intelligence. They also have intuitive awareness, which guides them towards amazing changes. They are able to heal themselves and other people too.

To always stay positive when around others, empaths have to do these things:

Cleanse their aura on a daily basis.

Their aura interacts with the energies of other people. The aura of an empath will be more porous and absorbent than the aura of most people. Hence, they pick up energies like some sponge. Absorbing energies all the time and not cleansing them from their aura will weigh them down.

They should make conscious choices about bringing some light to their aura on a daily basis in order to simply wash away everything that does not belong to them, and make their aura bright and shiny. Bringing some light to their chakras may also help in healing them as well.

Stay well-grounded in their bodies.

Storms can’t blow away the trees which are firmly rooted in the ground. Similarly, people who are rooted firmly in their bodies can remain happy and healthy without the dramas of other people uprooting them emotionally.

When their energies are grounded more firmly, they will remain secure and healthy more easily too.

Tune into their inner voice instead of the inner voice of others.

In fact, empaths please people all the time. To keep harmony in their relationships, they over-give or make choices which are based on the happiness of others instead of their own. With time, they will find it challenging when it comes to knowing what they really want, as they make choices for others.

One healthy solution would be focusing on what they want, right before they think about how it will affect others around them.

Being direct rather than being nice.

When they finally know what they truly want or what is best for them, they may communicate that directly and clearly with other people. When people are direct and honest, it would be more harmonious not only for them but for everyone that is involved. Others are going to appreciate the empath’s clarity, and the empath will feel much better by knowing he or she was true to himself or herself.

Raise their vibration to love.

In fact, love represents the strongest and most powerful energy in our Universe. When others around us are negative and fearful, we could be worn down. But, if we elevate our energies to the love frequencies, it may lift up other people around us instead.

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