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February 2022 Astrology Through Dates: Big, Bold, Direct Energies

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by Conscious Reminder

February 2022 is kicking off with fresh energy offered by the Aquarius New Moon.

A couple of days after this, Mercury offers us no planets in retrograde for the rest of the month. The energy that is coursing through the cosmos is quite strong and forward-moving and is going to make February a great time to make bold choices.

The month is also bringing the peak of Pluto Return for the US, with the Sun shifting into Pisces this month.

Astrology For February 2022

January 31/February 1- Aquarius New Moon + Lunar New Year

The month sets off with the Aquarius New Moon, which also marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year. The New Year brings about a change in the Chinese Zodiac and sees us moving towards the year of the Water-Tiger. You will be inspired to bring fresh energy into your life and be able to take action to clear the debris from the past.

February 1- Goddess Asteroid Juno enters Aquarius

Juno is the asteroid of marriage and it is moving into Aquarius. The move will help you find a greater sense of freedom in your relationships and even reignite the romantic aspect of your relationship.

February 3- Mercury Direct

The direct station of Mercury is a powerful day for you to think about the various lessons that have been stirred in spheres of communication, commitments, and contracts. Mercury will now take some time to regain its former strength.

February 4- Sun Conjunct Saturn

The meeting of Saturn and the Sun offers a day, which is best for stepping up and taking responsibility for your own life. You need to practice tough love on yourself as Saturn’s cosmic vibrations will be on your side. You can inhale these vibrations and fuel yourself with greater energy and stamina.

February 9- Goddess Asteroid Ceres enters Gemini

Ceres represents nourishment and how we long for the same. It also represents our connection to Mother Earth. Reading and communicating will be quite soothing, however, you need to be mindful when it comes to the content that you are consuming. Ceres in Gemini is subtle energy but is a great time to think about a media detox.

February 14- Goddess Asteroid Pallas Enters Aries

Pallas represents wisdom, independence and courage. She will move into Aries, which will fuel you with confidence and self-esteem. The energy will help you make better and clearer decisions and make you feel that you are smarter than what you think you are. The energy from the asteroid is subtle but you can lean on this energy to remind yourself of your strength and independence.

February 16- Leo Full Moon + Venus Conjunct Mars

The Full Moon is a shining beacon in the night sky and reminds us to find the joy and enjoy the ride. The Full Moon will gently bring you back to the present moment and guide you to think about how you can find joy in your everyday life.

February 18/19- Pisces Season

The Sun will move into Pisces in Feb 18-19 and Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, so you need to wrap up your journey around the wheel. Pisces is a sign that recognizes that there is no beginning nor any end and hence will guide you into higher consciousness.

February 22- 222 Numerology

The 22nd of February unlocks the code 222. Since the year is 2022, you will have loads of 2 energy to work with. The number 2 represents duality and the relationship you can have with the outer and inner worlds. These two are always working in sync and when you align one, the other responds.

You offer you the best for the month of February.

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