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Lucid Dreaming At Will Is Possible & This Is How To Train Your Brain

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

What does lucid dreaming represent? Well, lucid dreaming represents the state when we become conscious of the fact that we are dreaming.

In fact, this state may range from our ability to simply control our dreams and a profound understanding, to simply recognizing that we are dreaming and after that waking.

Usually, when we will become lucid for the first time, we will be in a normal state of dreaming, and we will randomly realize that we are, in fact, awake.

For example, some of the reactions which we may have when this happens for the first time is trying to run and doing everything we want, but we will be unable, and we will wake up.

However, after practicing and learning, we will have the ability to control our dreams at will. But, it will take us effort and time.

The science which stands behind this state is that at times when we are conscious of our state of dreaming, the frontotemporal cortex is actually showing higher activation.

According to researchers, there is quite a significant increase in the gamma waves, which is synchronized firing by some groups consisted of neurons at frequencies which are connected with our conscious awareness.

We have all sometimes wanted to control our dreams. For those of us who want to do that, here are the three steps which we can try:

Doing the so-called “reality checks.”

During the day, making it our habit, we should ask ourselves if we are dreaming. After that, we should pinch our nose and also close our mouth. We should notice if we can breathe.

Or, we can look at our feet and hands. When they are actually distorted, then we are dreaming. After that, we can also shake our head. However, the exercise’s point is creating the habit which is going to continue into our dreams.

  • While we fall asleep, we should tell ourselves to be conscious of our dreams. We should say that like some kind of an affirmation too.
  • We should set our alarm than wake up, and after that, return to sleep.

Right when we wake up, we should write down our dream, if we had one. We should close our eyes and stay focused on that dream.

We should ensure to give ourselves the needed time to begin dreaming. We should also force ourselves back into that dream. If we recognize that we are in that dream, then we are definitely lucid dreaming.

We should practice these steps every night in order to better control our dreams and become even more able to control our dream state.

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