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Asteroid Abundantia Transit in Libra: August–October, 2023

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by Conscious Reminder

The asteroid of abundance, Abundantia, today will transit from earth sign Virgo to air sign Libra.

Abunandtia spent an unusually long time (over 9 months) in Virgo due to retrograding (appearing to move backward) entirely in Virgo. This shift into Libra will be a welcome relief!

Abundantia can have an impact on abundance. What effect will Abundantia in Libra have on us?

Asteroid Abundantia in Libra 2023 Dates:

  • enters August 2 2023
  • exits October 10 2023

Asteroid Abundantia in Libra 2023 General Impact:

Abundantia, the asteroid, has been in Virgo for far too long! Virgo is the sign of work, details, and stress, as well as being extremely focused and hardworking. This is fine in moderation, but for how long? Ouch! And this has most likely limited our abundant energy, particularly during Abundantia’s retrograde in Virgo.

This brings some relief now that Abundantia has moved to Libra. We can focus on abundant energy in our relationships and connections with others, and we may discover that we’re open to meeting many new people, forming new partnerships, agreements, and alliances, and making new compromises. This can lead to new opportunities and openings.

We can also be more open to commitment in our relationships, projects, ideas, and to ourselves during this period, and we may make many commitments. This can make us feel more at ease, and instead of feeling suffocated or overwhelmed, we may experience a surprising sense of space.

When we are balanced and surrounded by peace and harmony, we can find abundance. If we are surrounded by chaos, we may expend a lot of energy until we can sort it out and calm down. There may be more opportunities to achieve balance in our lives.

Venus, Libra’s natural ruler, is retrograde (appearing to move backward) at the start of Abundantia until September 3rd, 2023. This may imply that we approach abundance differently than usual, and that unconventional pursuits can pave the way. Abundance can take different forms, or we can use abundant energy in unconventional ways.

Mars, the planet of energy and drive, will be in Libra from August 27 to October 12, roughly the same time as Abundantia, though the two will not connect until they move to Scorpio. We may still feel the energy and drive associated with Mars, and Mars can help push us to pursue new connections with others, use abundant energy in our partnerships and alliances, and find new ways to come together that are beneficial to all involved. It’s a diplomatic and mediating era!

Asteroid Abundantia in Libra 2023 Aspects:

While in Libra, Abundantia only makes two major aspects to the other transiting (moving) planets, both of which are near the end. On October 7, 2023, Abundantia will sextile (beneficial aspect) Venus in Leo, both at 28 degrees, which helps us finalize the changes with abundance that may have occurred during the Venus retrograde, and we can make the most of our connections in a super positive way before Abundantia exits Libra.

On October 5, 2023, Abundantia will square (confront) Pluto in Capricorn, both at 27 degrees. Pluto’s retrograde will end on the same day Abundantia leaves Libra, October 10, 2023, so Pluto is slowed to a crawl and this can be a strong aspect.

The square makes this more difficult, and Pluto may bring out power struggles and control issues that we must address in order to access the abundant energy we seek and require. There may have to be a compromise, and we may need to improve our communication and listening skills.

We may feel stuck in some way because Pluto is ending its retrograde and stalled, and we may be stubborn about it, but with Libra, we must keep an open mind and be willing to compromise. The answer is somewhere in the middle, and if we embrace it, we can escape the chaotic energy. The Venus sextile around this time is beneficial.

Abundantia will also oppose transit Chiron in Aries at 18 degrees on September 15, 2023. In astrology, Chiron is known as the wounded healer, and he can represent our deepest wounds and how we can heal. Abundantia in opposition to Chiron can indicate that we struggle with our wounds in ways that feel out of our control, and that old wounds may be picked open.

Again, we need to be adaptable and keep an open mind in order to deal with this. Balance is also important in order to avoid chaotic energy. If we can keep control of ourselves, we can find our way through and actually find an opportunity to heal and grow that is exponential, much larger and much more than we previously imagined, and we can make great strides quickly.

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