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July 2019 Horoscope: Work On Your Dreams With Passion

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by Conscious Reminder

It’s already Cancer Season and July will follow that tradition. But along with that, you have the power of the summer solstice and the New Moon present in Cancer, both bringing a lot of positive energy your way.

Cancer is about Home so you start laying the foundation of your dream. Dreams are not one-dimensional – they can be about finding support and simultaneously they can be about losing weight.

During this period, we have to look at the signs and ask ourselves – are we doing right by our dreams or just waiting around for something incredible to take place?

Are we harming ourselves more by choosing to follow our unrealistic dreams – like, for example, using chemicals to look better? It’s time for some introspection. However, the zodiac horoscope might have something for you. Let’s find out:


July is about travelling and living a life with family and friends. This is a month full of emotions. Generally, you are someone who likes to take risks and go beyond, but now, you will take a break and try to stay at home – inside your self-defined comfort zone. Be open to different feelings, the period will be emotionally charged.


Patience is important and you are good at it. Be patient – don’t rush things. If you are getting frustrated while trying to find the keys, just calm down and take it slow. Adjust your life and give yourself some time and space. You don’t always have to be extremely punctual about meeting deadlines. Give yourself a leeway.


You have great ideas which may not be at par with reality. Get down on a realistic level – start to balance work and fun. The summer is about bringing the courage to say NO to things that don’t help you. Try to be into the relationships that matter and cut off the rest.


It’s your month. So, let the Cancer energy flow through you and change who you are. Set goals for the year and start finding your proper direction forward. If you are unsure, go out and have a journey – the answers will be lying somewhere outside.


July might not be the best period for you. There will be disappointments for you, perhaps from the past coming up and while you may have planned something, things will take a bad turn. Don’t let it conquer you though. Take a deep breath and move forward. Recover.


Capitalism has made productivity a chore – you always have to work to produce something. But try to relax too – get a 45-minute break in a week where you are yourself – scream, dance, do whatever you want. Not every moment requires some work crammed into it. Let July be the month of rest and relaxation.


Family, even pets, will be the thing for July. Connect with them. Spend time and share stories. It will be great for you and your mental well-being.


Finances are important. All you have to do is save up some money and then, plan something big. Use budgets to understand your finances are working – make sure that you adjust as per your salary. Plan out your saving. Money tends to go away easy unless you are strict about it.


You have the ability to go for some summer romance. It might be with a partner or even a tryst with self-love. Well, you can also start by romanticizing your life. Drink coffee and enjoy some slow dance with your own self. Summer love is in your veins.


Contentment and Complacency are two different things. You have to be satisfied with things to be content. When you are not satisfied, but you are not unhappy enough to do anything about it, you become complacent. July will make you realize this crucial difference in your life.


It’s time to go outside, especially with a pet. If you do not have any, then, borrow a neighbor’s. Cuddle without commitment. You can even get some nature energy and go for a walk. If you want, go out and bask in the Sun, get some tan and Vitamin D.


People are coming to you because you exude an attractive aura. Your positive energy is intoxicating. Let it intoxicate others and use some of it upon yourself- bring self-love to yourself. Make it like a feedback loop. The world treats you well, treat yourself well too.

July is going to be awesome for most of the Zodiacs. Leo – don’t lose heart, your time is coming soon. Love yourself and be happy!

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