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3 Powerful Crystals For Lucid Dreaming

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by Conscious Reminder

Nowadays, lucid dreaming is gaining more popularity than ever. Hence, the methods of achieving it are also getting more common. A lot of people started using crystals for such lucid dreaming.

Crystals’ healing properties are already quite well-known among people. However, they may also facilitate processes like lucid dreaming.

If we keep the following three crystals next to us while we are sleeping, they are going to help us to experience lucid dreams easily. We should keep them right under our pillow, on our nightstand, or also under our mattress.

Here are the three powerful crystals used for achieving the process of lucid dreaming:

Clear Quartz

The clear quartz crystal is actually a very powerful amplifier. Moreover, it is resonating with white spiritual lights. It is even an excellent cleaning crystal. It will clear our thoughts and minds and facilitate mindfulness. Hence, it is an excellent ally in accomplishing lucid dreams.

It will not just amplify the effects that moldavite and amethyst have, but it will also amplify our experience during our dreams. So, we are going to have a greater number of vivid dreams. However, the rainbow quartz crystal could be a more powerful one too.


This crystal is a quite powerful crystal for connecting. It has the ability to connect the most materialistic individuals to the divine. This stone represents a very useful and helpful crystal when it comes to dream-works.

In fact, it contains amazing, transforming energies. Also, it is an excellent intensifier. Hence, when it is utilized with some other crystals, it is going to facilitate our efforts for the process of lucid dreaming.


The amethyst is a very popular crystal, not just because of its beautiful color, which is purple, but also because of its huge powers. It is actually a crystal which resonates with our Crown Chakra, facilitating our spiritual activities. Moreover, it helps us in connection ourselves with our higher divinities.

Amethyst will bring spiritual growth. However, it is quite useful and helpful in dreaming, too, as it helps us to recall our dreams. Moreover, it will bring focus and deepness into our dreaming and meditation.

In order to work much better, we should program these three crystals for the process of lucid dreaming. Programming crystals actually means giving them purposes or messages.

Hence, before we go to bed, we should hold them in our palms, concentrating on the commands or messages. One example would be “Help me to achieve lucid dreaming.”

However, we can formulate our own message. After that, we should place the crystals under our pillow, and enjoy the process of lucid dreaming.

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