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Twin Flame Astral Projection: Feeling Your Twin Flame In Dreams

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We dream almost every single day. We dream about weirdly interesting things, even things which make sense or none at all. But there’s more meaning to dreams.

When we dream, we are directly projected in an astral plane. There, we can be our own spiritual self. Through dreams, most people meet their own twin flames for the very first time.

Maybe the twin flames are unable to meet because of geographical distance. On the astral plane, a silver cord connects them. They can discover each other easily in dreams.

The commonplace

Entering the state of dreaming projects our spirit to the astral plane. Here, we seek for good opportunities and places where we can grow and discover.

The twin flame might be looking for the same places that we are.

Is that just a coincidence? Not really. Twin flames are our mirror images. They’re our spiritual partners for all our past, present and future lifetimes.

These mirror souls long to meet. They attract each other more in the astral plane of dream state.

Preparation for meeting

Yes, spiritual progress is the goal of traveling through the astral plane and meeting the twin flame.

The other important purpose is to get familiar with our own twin soul. We get to know our shared goals and journeys.

Being familiar with our twin flame is important. We might get many signs that we might be meeting our mirror soul soon. But, what if we cannot recognize them immediately?

Thus, having a connection with the twin flame in dreams makes it easier for us to identify that same energy in the physical world.

We can’t just meet our twin soul suddenly during grocery shopping. Twin flames must proceed a bit on their spiritual path before they can meet.

The dream meeting serves as preparation for a future physical meeting.

So, if you have a chance to feel the energy of your twin flame in your dreams, a meeting in the physical world might be coming soon.

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