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The Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse Will Have The Most Influence In These 4 Sun Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

As has been known for a long time, new moons are an important time to start new projects, commit to relationships, and reinvent one’s lives.

This New Moon is also going to be companioned with the Great South American Total Solar Eclipse, which would make it even more potent.

And to add to this, the four signs that would be affected a lot through this event- Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn, would have a major chance to look and change the way they live.

Jamie Partridge mentions that this New Moon would bring forth possibilities that would enable one to put oneself at the beginning of plans that are for the future. It would also be important to question one’s previous behaviors, and how that should be changed in respect to the month ahead.

Here are the 4 zodiacs that would be affected the most by July New Moon 2019


This New Moon is all about coming forward with all guns blazing. You know what you want, so take the leap of faith and do it. Yes, it would definitely involve some major risks, but the results would be even better.

In any case, the mere courage you bring forward to do it is going to change your entire mindset towards life. According to Eric Francis, this isn’t the time to fool anyone. You don’t want to put on a façade of some glitz and glam. Be true to yourself, and take a step forward.


Your desire for emotional intimacy would be sufficed this New Moon. With its presence in the sign of Cancer, you would feel this call from deep within your soul that would ask you to understand what your body, mind and soul needs.

Also, since the north node is in Cancer too, it will increase your appetite, thereby not only looking for emotional relationships but also filling your stomach.


You like living purposeful lives, and this New Moon will lighten up your path in life. And for the time being, it would be having a deep personal relationship with someone, where none of the partners would let go.

Francis mentions that if you are going out with someone, turn your focus towards the partnership. Start listening, feeling and listening.


This New Moon and Solar Eclipse would have an incredible bearing on Capricorn. It would lead them to take several important steps when it is about love. Astrology Club mentions that Capricorns need to see if they are compromising a bit too much in their relationships, where they are giving all the priority to other people, and not receiving any in return.

But, at the end of the day, you need to make some tough decisions that would either change the way you live or make them displeased, for they wouldn’t factor in anymore.

This New Moon is going to be heavy if you get your head out of the comfort zone. Take care.

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