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Mars Retrograde: Time To Slow Down & Find Inner Strength

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by Conscious Reminder

The fiery planet of Mars is turning towards the underworld starting this 9th of September. Mars will turn retrograde in the sign of Aries and stay in Retrograde till 13th November.

Expect your powers of self-expression to get hindered during this phase. A Mars Retrograde also means you will face some obstacles on the path of fulfilling your passions. And the Mars 2020 Retrograde seems worse off than usual, as it forms a square with Saturn.

As the Retrograde lasts for nearly two months, the tussle of Mars and Saturn will result in months of delays as well as unnecessary restrictions. Not just Mars, many other planets are also turning Retrograde soon. Some have started their journey while others will be joining soon. Altogether, they will create an impact of slowing down our actions across the globe.

The Transit for Mars Retrograde

Mars Retrograde in transit occurs every two years or so. This regular cycle lasts about 80 days each time and spans 13 degrees of the zodiac. Mars Retrograde transit is among the rarest, landing just after Venus. It occurs barely 9% of the time.

So a transiting Retrograde of Mars means you need to sit and think before making any leaps. Expect fated events and look out for recurring themes. These will indicate which of your desires still require some background work. Mars will give you the time to reflect on those and figure out your plan before jumping into action.

Be it a decisive action or an area of sexuality, Mars Retrograde highlights how important they are. That is why it gives us the time and tells us to check all the locks on the door.

If a fated event occurs in your life, take it as a warning and back off from pursuing that line of action. Mars is trying to protect you from something far worse, from making some terrible mistakes. So, pay heed.

You might have suffered from the negative influences of Mars, like violence, rage, and sexual abuse. If you have struggled with such problems, this Retrograde period will force you to acknowledge those shortcomings.

You might have to face those inner demons. And honestly, it won’t be a pleasant time. But this recognition of the self is very important.

By November, when Mars finally turns direct, we will have explored our darker side quite well. Post 13th November, we will know our strengths and weakness. This will allow us to confidently assert ourselves. We will also know how to correctly pursue our passions.

Six Planets in Retrograde

In the period of 9th and 12th Septemeber, the cosmos will witness 6 planets turning Retrograde. They are Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune.

Jupiter will turn direct on the 12th, while the rest will continue till the 29th of September when Saturn turns direct. It is extremely rare to have six planets in Retrograde at the same time, as rare as only 0.7%!

Global action will surely slow down. You might feel like you are attracting energy at an invisible level. It might make you feel like you’re in a different dimension altogether. This will result in very little inner stability. Pangs of isolation and indifference will surely follow.

Whenever more than 4 planets are moving in Retrograde, it makes communication very complicated. Negative actions like riots, accidents, psychological abuse, and death become rampant. There is an utter lack of compassion and understanding among fellow humans.

As the world slows down or even comes to a halt once again this year, material events can seem like blockages. But these blockages can be utilized to evolve internally and become more mature. Find your inner confidence and wait patiently till the planets turn direct again.

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