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Tonight, Expect The Powerful Lunar Eclipse/ Full Buck Moon To Test Your Limits

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by Conscious Reminder

16th July not only experiences a Partial Lunar Eclipse but also a Full Buck Moon. Let’s see what that means.

Firstly, there are separate traditional names for the Full Moons of each month of the year.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac explains how the Full Moon of July is named the Buck Moon or also the Thunder Moon.

The reason behind this naming is that the Full Moon coexists with the particular time in the year when the buck’s antlers are fully grown and we can see thunderstorms frequently.

Secondly, a Lunar Eclipse can only occur on a Full Moon. The alignment of the Earth, Moon, and Sun makes the Earth cast its shadow on the Moon. This results in a Partial Lunar Eclipse where the Moon is only partially shadowed.

July 16th’s Eclipse will be visible in most of the parts of the Earth except the majority parts of North America. This Eclipse is also called “Half-blood Moon” as the Moon acquires a red tinge as the Eclipse happens.

Jessica Lanyadoo of the “Ghost Of A Podcast” explains that Lunar Eclipses can be thought of as Full Moon but the energies are at their peak. In astrology, completion and clarity are the gifts of a Full Moon- the time for everything to come to the surface.

She continues how it can be up to 6 months for the effects of an Eclipse to be completely unpacked, but the energies are always sensed during the Eclipses.

The 16th July Eclipse is the time of letting go. If you do not use the energies now to transform, you will be troubled by drama and might end up projecting the past hurts on your current situations.

Lisa Stardust further adds how the alignment of the Earth, Moon, and Sun brings illumination in our lives as well. Our situations become more clear to us.

The 16th July Moon is in Capricorn, in opposition to the Sun in the sign of Cancer. Lunar Eclipses have the Moon and the Sun in opposition, which creates tension as they tend to tug between themselves.

The planets are involved as well. Retrograde is the theme of the season. All the planets which will be triggered by the Eclipse are in Retrograde. The transformative Pluto, the restrictive Saturn, and the elusive Neptune are all here to help us come to terms with our past.

These are the planets which can create havoc but they will also bring much-needed change. This is the time when we can let go of our restrictions and evolve into who we are meant to be. We have the blessing of clear vision – to see people and things in their true form.

So now is the time to proudly accept your true self and let go of your self-created restrictions. Don’t hold yourself back. Let the light of the Mother Moon transform you!

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