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The Root Causes Of Some Karmic Illnesses

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by Conscious Reminder

Karmic Diseases- Sexual

Other than the obvious causes (rape and causing death through rape), karmic illness can also be inflicted by the use of sexual magic; when the occult is used to manipulate a person for certain goals. As is the case of any other spell, the practitioner of sexual magic is also bound to their spell. They are always linked with the spells (often associated with the umbra) they cast.

Such a disturbance in the frequency is imprinted on the energy matrix for several incarnations to come. This might transform into viral or venereal diseases in the physical body. They get lodged in the astral body, like a microchip and keep recurring through many lifetimes.

Karmic Disease- Mental

Mental Karma can also cause Karmic illness. It is manifested in the form of thought forms which an oppressor projects on their victim. The former might feel that the latter has done them some injustice and thus they are embittered and desire revenge. In our life mental karma is manifested through social dysfunctions and depression etc. All the mental illnesses are in fact the shadows of our own thought forms or rather the Elmentars.

Elementars are nothing more than frequencies arising from emotional as well as mental energy. The source of their vibration and the creator’s intent determines their shape and nature. Within the matrix we keep forming negative elementars because of our experiences which are embedded within our very soul and our DNA. Anger, jealousy, bigotry, guilt are all ways of generating these elementars.

An elementar is made up of the very substance that the universe is made of and thus they can follow a victim ruthlessly, having a life of their own. As long as the original feeling that generated them lingers, they will continue to live.

They can originate from any persona and be directed towards their potential victims. If the latter has the same vibrations as the former they will be affected. And thus is added another link in the chain of mental karma.

Karmic illnesses, whatever kind they may be, continue to rear up again and again, until the source of the unbalance is addressed and purified. Otherwise they remain embedded in our DNA. They cannot be healed without a proper awakening. No healing at the physical plane would be effective unless matched by the healing of the multiple layers of consciousness.

Any disease has to be treated systematically, and this treatment should not ignore the Karmic levels. The modern western medicine only heals at the level of physical body and thus is not able to completely get rid of the disease. For instance, there are so many relapses in the case of cancers and similar diseases because the occult reason of the problem wasn’t treated.

Karma is the law determined by causes and their effects. Karmic illnesses are potent only as long as the patterns of negative karma are not transmutated. For that, forgiveness is most crucial. Only through forgiveness can the vibrations of fear and hurt be broken away from.

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