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Cosmic Marriage And How It Could Be Causing Divorces And Breakups In 3D

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

art by Louis Dyer

This is something directly lifted and summarized from an ancient Greek treatise: the Symposium.

Plato writes in it that, human beings were created with two heads, four hands and four legs when the Earth was young. One side was male and the other female.

Later, for some reason they incurred the wrath of the king of the gods, Zeus, and he tore them apart at the seams and sent them to wander alone.

Since then, people have been wandering constantly looking for their soulmates: the other halves of themselves without whom they cannot be complete.

So, even before you were born, your soulmate or perfect partner has been chosen for you.

For you both, your lives are like a knightly quest, as you two falter, fumble and fall, till you find each other and complete each other.

The tricky part is, tangible life is never a fairy tale, never like a story from a book.

The thing is, in life, all your experiences are real; you work, you earn and you eat. There are, sadly enough, classes and hierarchies in society and people inhabit different levels in it. There is seldom any intermixing, even today.

Moreover as a result of said classes and hierarchies, people are born and bred in a certain way, and hence end up with a certain pattern of life choices and tastes.

The cosmic lottery of soulmates however does not adhere to said rules and regulations. The universe chooses souls meant to be together ever since the start of the universe Ones that might have met again and again in different lives, been or haven’t been together.

As a result, your soulmate might just be someone you might never ever get to meet in your lifetime. 

He or she might be way out of your so-called league looks-wise or money-wise or might be living in another country. Or and this is particularly sad, they might not be born yet.

The consequences of these possibilities is very apparent: the continual failure of modern marriages.

We get so caught up in material pleasures with random people we meet, that we end up mistaking them for our soulmates. And things get awry.

Now that you know, well, do not beat yourself up for a failed relationship or marriage. It might just be part of a cosmic plan.

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