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Young People Believe Astrology More Than They Do Religion

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by Conscious Reminder

Are you someone who often delves into astrology a lot? Do you look at zodiac signs and try to find out how they match with your personality? Do you also believe in lucky colors or numbers?

Well, you are not alone!

There are many people of the new generation that are starting to believe that astrology is a science – a science of studying the heavenly bodies as per our birth charts.

They are basing their life decisions on their birth charts or horoscope. They look at lucky numbers and their lucky colors as per their zodiac.

You might already be aware of someone who is a deep believer of astrology. Maybe you are the one we are talking about.

We read a lot about retrogrades – especially Mercury retrograde. We know it can cause technical disruptions and communication issues. Well – it is something we are often wary of when it happens.

Generation Y

Now, let’s talk about generation Y. It is being observed that more and more millennials from the Y generation are getting interested in astrology. They visit different astrological websites and look at the predictions. They base their life decisions, like career, life partner, etc. on it. The Zodiac signs have individually affected the people too.

A survey done in 2017 showed that about 57% of millennials are reading daily horoscopes online and they are from the 18-34 age group.

The uncertain future has drawn them towards it.


We are living in stressful times. There is a lot of recession and if one loses a job, there is a huge difficulty in finding another job. Even if a person is good in their studies, they have to apply for colleges and take up the huge burden of student loans. Hence, they use astrology as a guide.

They consult astrologers about their predicaments and they are happy with the solutions. Sadly enough, a successful person is too conscious in public to preserve their image. They lose their friends as well. Many suffer depression too. They lead a life of loneliness. Remember, mental illnesses do not care about status, gender or age.

When depression strikes, there’s nothing a person can do. Hence, they tend to turn to astrologers for help.

The Fame

Many of us have come across stories of famous celebrities suffering from a mental issue and how they revealed it to astrologers who helped them find mental peace.

Astrologers can specialize in many fields like Numerology, Palmistry, and many more. Using the birth charts, astrologers try to understand them and understand how they can influence you.

People are not going to some church for it. Rather they are going to a special person, trained in the ancient arts, who give them special advice about relationship and career – a remedy to the mental stress and illnesses.

Before people went for logic. Now, they are becoming more spiritual. Spirituality is winning among the Millennials.

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