These 3 Questions Will Help You Detect Your Soulplace

by Conscious Reminder

Do you know about the concept of Soulplace? Well, it is a place where, when we enter, we will feel like our true selves – it’s a place which will make us feel one with who we actually are.

In a Soulplace, we do not need to pretend. When you are in a Soulplace, you will take control of who you are – your true energy and vibes. It is a unique place which aligns yourself with who you really are.

Since you are unique, your Soulplace will be a unique place too. It may not be comfortable for your friends but when you enter your Soulplace, things will become different for you.

But how do you know that you are in the right place? That’s where you ask certain questions to yourself. Here are some of the questions that you need to ask to confirm that you are in your Soulplace:

1. In which environment do I become my happiest self?

Your environment has a significant effect on who you are and what you feel like. If you are living in a negative space, you will always feel sad and heartbroken. Negativity will never let you get out of the abyss of darkness.

But a Soulplace is not negative in any sense. It is full of optimism. Your Soulplace will have people in it that will match with your desires – the activities and dynamics will be positive. The optimistic vibes in your Soulplace will put you in the happiest place that you need to be in.

2. Are these the things that bring me joy?

Look at the things that are around you. Even if you don’t know about it, things can have a negative effect on you. For example, if you are an empath and you have a violent photo in your room, every time you pass through it, you will get a jolt.

It’s quite natural for you as an empath. Hence, if you are in your Soulplace, you will be surrounded by things that will ultimately uplift you. You will feel connected to the purpose of your soul. You know who you are and what you need to do in life.

3. Am I recharged?

In the current world, our energy is getting depleted fast. You cannot always be in your default vibe state, especially if you are in a toxic environment.

When you enter your Soulplace, you will get a boost in your energy and feel like you are getting recharged. Whenever you lose energy, it will get recharged and align it to the default state.

So, try to ask these questions and find your soul place! When you do figure out which is your Soulplace, take care to nurture it and don’t let external forces influence it.

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