Here Is Why Empaths Freeze Around Fake People

Empaths are intuitive, honest, and extremely empathetic individuals, so it`s no wonder they freeze around inauthentic people. 

The negative vibes that inauthentic people emit put empaths on high alert so they feel the urge to shut down in order to protect themselves.

There are various levels of falseness and many different reasons for it. Here are some of the reasons why an empath cannot stand inauthentic people:

  • They praise people even if they don’t genuinely mean it
  • They hide their personality by creating a new one out of fear that their real personality will not be approved of
  • They tend to make up stories to make themselves sound funny and interesting in order to get others` attention
  • They tend to act extremely nice in order to get the love of everyone. They desperately strive for the love and attention of everyone!
  • They play the role of a tough man/woman but they actually feel insecure due to a certain childhood trauma
  • They are full of hatred but desperately try to convince the people around them otherwise

Here are some of the ways in which an empath reacts when being surrounded by inauthentic people:

  • While fake individuals don’t actually do anything to hurt or offend an empath on purpose, they still try to avoid their presence and the negative vibes they emit.
  • If an empath spends more time in a company of such inauthentic individuals (like an hour or two), they will feel emotionally drained and exhausted.
  • An empath is likely to get speechless in the presence of fake people. In fact, even if they wanted to say something, their words may simply not want to come out of their mouth.
  • An empath might feel helpless and unable to do anything when surrounded by inauthentic people.
  • An empath might have a terrible feeling in their gut which doesn’t go away until that person eventually leaves.

Just because an empath feels fakeness and non-authenticity in other person doesn’t mean that they don’t fake themselves. For some people, when they feel down around a faker might mean that they are afraid of picking up the same trait they don’t like.

It is extremely important for an empath to be aware of any hidden emotions or traits as while we bury a side of us we will never be complete nor indeed happy. Unfortunately, most people simply don’t know the root cause.

People not genuinely knowing themselves is one of the major causes of unhappiness. Hiding our true self from other people causes pain. On the other hand, being authentic is emotionally liberating!

Sensitive people tend to bury negative traits as they are aware of their destructiveness.  They will eventually show up and cause significant damage. When it comes to the traits most often buried, anger, jealousy, fear of rejection, and anger the most common. 

Praise and attention given to a friend or sibling are likely to lead to jealousy and eventually build inside as fear of rejection.  As for anger, it is likely to be inherited from an angry parent.

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