7 Things Only Independent Women Understand

by Conscious Reminder

Women today have come a long way in their march for equality. Breaking the “weaker sex” mold, women all over the world are achieving greater heights each day.

But what goes behind these powerful minds? What makes these women independent and strong? Here are things only an independent woman would understand:

1. Independence Can Be More Than Just A Choice

Sometimes, people need to get independent because their survival depends on it. But claiming that it is a choice can be misleading for those who need to grow up and take care of not only themselves but also the people around them.

2. Your Self-Interests Matter

Putting yourself before others is not being selfish when your life depends on it. One should always put themselves first, for thinking about others before yourself usually ends in them backstabbing you at a later date. Thinking about yourself becomes pivotal when it’s a matter of life and death.

3. There Is An Advantage In Being Independent

When you need to grow up very fast, sometimes you get forced upon with burdens that need you to learn some skills. Skills not only of the physical but also the desired mental ones that would allow you to handle responsibilities particularly well later in life.

4. Genuine Relationships Matter

A person forced to grow up so fast will inadvertently face some trauma from the past. This is why relationships become of great value to them, and needing a genuine, intimate relationship becomes extremely important. Most relationships turn out fake, so when a real relationship comes by, they hold onto it.

5. No Noose Above You

Since you don’t take s*** from anyone, it is an advantage that you have at your disposal. You don’t have to go up and be subservient to anyone who can hold it against you at a later date. You know what you deserve and your independence matters above all. You are free, in the truest sense of the world.

6. You Are Your Own Person

To put it simply, don’t wait for someone to come and fix your mistakes and mop up your mess. Since you are independent, you have to simply believe in yourself, and realize that you are the only person out there, who would look after yourself.

7. The Need To Do It Yourself

You do it yourself because you have never received it from someone else. This desire to do something for yourself, and realizing no one can take credit for that, is a great feeling. When you receive all that you wished for, you don’t understand the work that goes behind it. But, if you do it yourself, you will savor every bit of it.

Being an independent woman brings in another added responsibility. The onus is on you to empower the other women around you. What you have learned through experience must be passed on to others as well. And that will bring you further satisfaction too.

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