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Step Into The Unknown With Virgo Season

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by Conscious Reminder

August 23rd would see the Sun moving out from Leo and stepping into Virgo. This means that there will be a shift in your actions, as Virgo would rather you align yourself to its purpose. Whereas Leo was simply about keeping your voice above all.

This change is definitely going to bring you to a point where you would question most things that you previously took for granted.

You will be curious about your position in life, and if there was a need to get it all together. This could be for anything and everything. From your finances to your career!

Virgo would surely ask you to move about and wrap things up, things that you didn’t particularly care for before.

It would also ask you to look back once, and see if there are any bad habits that need to be meted out. Reckless actions from January are here to haunt you now.

As we are getting closer and closer to the Equinox, Virgo’s energy would simply allow us to reevaluate what we are meant for, and adjudicate the routines we are following.

Although most zodiacs aren’t as observant as Virgo, there would be enough energy in the air. And we shall be able to harness it the year-round for our benefit.

We have been severed from the main direction in life, as we kept getting hit by the Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter Retrograde, Neptune Retrograde, and even Pluto Retrograde, along with Chiron’s backward motion.

It threw us away from what we believed in and gatecrashed our lives. Now is the time to brings things back in focus, as most of the Retrogrades are done for now.

This season, hence, will bring about a major turnaround, where we would get some much-needed perspective.

And, you couldn’t be more wrong if you believed that Virgo’s zeal to have a purposeful life is boring, or simply anxiety-inducing. In fact, all this focus, and this constant need to get better and bigger comes from self-expression.

Don’t you want to use this energy to uplift your life too?

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