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This Is For Those Who Believe Nothing Good Comes Out Of Their Actions

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Keep your chin up! There is literally no human on this planet who can be so bad at simply living, that they turn out to be a mess at everything else.

You simply have extremely high expectations from yourself, which is why you aren’t happy. See, it is fine to have such expectations- we are humans, we want the best. Nothing’s wrong with that.

But the problem emanates when you try to force yourself into exhaustion trying to reach those expectations. This is not supposed to happen. You can’t ever achieve true success at the cost of your happiness.

Remember, the world isn’t as dull as you make it to be. It isn’t just black and white, for there are shades of grey too. You might think that you are bad at something, but do you realize maybe there are certain aspects of that very thing that you can be good at?

Maybe, you understand something better than the rest in certain places. Maybe, you aren’t exactly as bad as you think yourself to be. Maybe you are choosing just the wrong parameters, to decide that. You can’t dictate how bad you are, right? And no one can be that bad, that they feel like a disappointment.

Ask yourself- do you fail because you don’t like doing it? Do you think you are unsuccessful because you simply aren’t interested in doing it? If that is the case, then you need to find things that you like doing.

Otherwise, how will things be? You can’t keep doing things that you don’t like, for you won’t be giving your heart into it. And the only way to get something out of the work you are putting yourself through is to put your heart in it.

Doing or believing that you are a big failure can also come from outside influences, we understand that. But why do you care about what others have to say about you? Why do you need to listen to them?

Do you think that this was so bad that no one can praise any single, minute aspect of the work that you put in? Things are never as bad as they seem to be. For, every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Similarly, any action, however bad it may be, will always have something useful out of it. Don’t curse yourself for not being able to give your all to something- motivate yourself to do better.

The world is filled with quitters who believe that they can’t do anything better than what they are already doing. Don’t be one of them- life is all about learning, and the more you learn, the more you would be able to understand the lessons that it teaches.

And you will stop feeling like a failure.

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