The Lion’s Gate Is Open: Here Are The Biggest DO’s & DON’T’s During The 8/8 Portal

by Conscious Reminder

The portal of the Lion’s Gate will be at its height on 8th August. Coincidentally, the day will also have a new moon.

The 8th of August has the numerology of 8/8, or 88. On that day, Sirius, the Star, along with the Sun will align themselves in an auspicious formation called the Lion’s Gate Portal.

Moreover, the day, the new moon in Leo is also going to take place on the 8th of August as well. So here is a list of don’ts and do’s that will let you make the best use of the magical cosmic energies.

Biggest DO’s during Lionsgate 8/8

Decide On Some Goals

The new moon in Leo will be supplying us with energy that will push us to make a fresh start. On top of that, there is the power of manifestation that 8/8 carries in numerology. As a result, the portal of the Lion’s Gate is an extremely powerful time for deciding on some personal objectives. So, create a list of all the things that you wish to achieve. Then, focus all your energy on making the goals a reality.

The Unexpected May Be A Pleasant Surprise

This cosmic event brings new opportunities to all zodiacs. But, sometimes, the best chances are from unexpected offers. Go where the flow takes you. This is the time to be open to every possibility in life.

Aim Big

In astrology, Sirius stands for fame and wealth. And the sun energy of Leo will ask us to let passions shine. This means that the portal of the Lion’s Gate is the time for dreaming big. Imagine the best life for yourself, and set big goals.

Embrace Spirituality

Sirius is called the “spiritual sun”. Ancient human civilizations have all hailed the star’s annual appearance as an event of great significance. This means 8th August is especially powerful for carrying out spiritual practices. The ritual for the portal of the Lion’s Gate is one example.

Biggest DON’T’s during Lionsgate 8/8

Think The Universe Is Wrong

The Sun is the most powerful right now since it’s Leo season. Coupled with the new moon in Leo, there will be a double dose of lion energy. This means our confidence will be just as boosted, so believe in the plan of the universe.

Set A Limit To Yourself

According to numerology, 8 stands for abundance. The number, when seen from the side, is the infinity symbol, which reflects the infinite potential we have for magic. During this time, the energy gets doubled. So do away with beliefs that limit you and accept the infinite possibilities in life.

Turn Away From Success

The manifestations of the portal to work need us to have full trust in them to work. So don’t retreat from success. Channel some confident, courageous Leo energy when you focus on the goals. Tell yourself that you are deserving of all the abundance.

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