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Get Into Zen-Mode This Virgo Season With These 5 Crystals

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Leo was a giant fireball that changed the entire way we lived. It was exciting, it was dangerous, but it made us live every single moment.

But as the Sun moves into Virgo after Leo, we should consider that as a boon. After all the glitz and the glam, it is required that we enjoy some time of focus and concentration. We need to get into the drive to make something out of our life. Enough time spent lounging in the sun, don’t you think?

Virgo has always been one for routines, being an earth sign. But we wouldn’t be blaming you for not settling into a routine immediately after the whirlwind summer gets over. Precisely why we have these 5 crystals for you that would help you reach that balance and drive that you need in your life.

1. Green Jade

Virgo has always been considered to be the hard-working amongst the zodiacs. And with the namesake season in place, why don’t you try to hold onto your goals with the help of Green Jade? Energy muse considers green jade as one of those crystals that would help one remain grounded, consistent, and focused over their goals. The crystal will only magnify the Virgo vibes.

2. Red Jasper

Leo season was spent vacationing by the pool, but with Virgo season, you need to snap back. Red jasper is one such crystal that would help you bring about a positive attitude to your life and get some work done. You might also want to go back to reading, and Red Jasper will help you there, too. Make the best use of the Virgo season with this crystal for positive vibes.

3. Black Tourmaline

With so much work to do, there is absolutely no time for negative energy to get you tawdry. Black Tourmaline, hence, can be used to shield us of bad vibes that might shift our focus from what’s important. Energy muse considers this crystal to cleanse out energy that is stagnant. This will help us move ahead in life.

4. Clear Quartz

It isn’t enough to simply work. For all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. One has to also take care of their health, which would be only possible if clear quartz is used. Each day is important when using clear quartz. This quartz would cleanse your mind of all the negativities that might infiltrate it. If your mind is positive, so would your body be. In fact, using clear quartz is your way of signifying to the Universe that you are crystal clear to get back into the game from all fronts. No time for self-doubt now, as you need to get back up and show the world, and yourself, who you are. Virgo season gives us the push to reenergize and move ahead to a positive future with a clean slate.

5. Aquamarine

Leo season can get quite exciting at times. Which is why you also need to control and tone it down a notch as the Virgo season approaches. Aquamarine can be used to temper the wild side that you are supposedly bestowed with. Also, you need to maintain peace and harmony in your home, so why not use Aquamarine anyway?

Select a night in the Virgo season where you can put up an altar for the crystals. After you have completely charged up your balance and your desire to break through barriers, you would be someone people wouldn’t mess with. Internal Zen and external confidence is what the cyrstals and Virgo will combine to gift you. Enjoy the Virgo season armed with your crystals!

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