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The 4 Most Affected Zodiac Signs By Saturn In Pisces, 2023-2026

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by Conscious Reminder

Saturn is the most feared and revered planet in astrology.

After all, this planet is in charge of boundaries, restrictions, discipline, and, of course, karma. This heavy-handed outer planet enjoys putting pressure on our lives, and if you’re one of the zodiac signs most affected by Saturn in Pisces, the experience will feel like a spiritual bootcamp that will last until 2026. You’ll have matured in countless ways by the end of it, because growing pains always lead to growth.

Saturn will leave behind community-oriented, futuristic, and fixed Aquarius on March 7 at 13:35 GMT (8:35 a.m. ET) and enter spiritual, open-hearted, and nostalgic Pisces. This stoic and distant planet will bring to light the ways we’ve let our imaginations and emotions deceive us over the next three years. If you’ve ever wished you could go back in time to a simpler time, to the way things used to be, this transit will remind you that viewing an imperfect past through rose-colored glasses will only obscure and muddy your vision of the future. Pisces is all about endings, forgiveness, and moving on, as it is the final sign in the zodiac wheel and represents the end of a chapter. When Saturn transits this dreamy and transcendent zodiac sign, it encourages you to maintain a healthy distance from the past while embracing what the future holds.

If your sun sign or rising sign falls under any of the mutable signs, here’s why Saturn in Pisces will be felt even more strongly:

These 4 zodiac signs will be most affected by Saturn in Pisces


Are you prepared to take your career more seriously than ever before? Saturn will put pressure on your 10th house of career when it enters Pisces, acting as a mentor who uses tough love and discipline to encourage your excellence. Saturn will force you to take your goals more seriously and let go of pipe dreams if you are not embarking on a career path that means something to you. Saturn will draw your attention to where and how you’ve been making mistakes if you haven’t been bringing your A-game and your efforts have begun to slip. Although your career and reputation may experience many ups and downs during this time, this transit will ultimately strengthen your career standing like never before. When your career knocks you down, get right back up and refuse to give up. Saturn will reward you for your efforts.


Saturn will erect boundaries and demand seriousness from your relationships for the next three years. Pisces rules your seventh house of partnerships, allies, enemies, and spouses, which means it will be harsh and difficult. Saturn will highlight any weak links in your relationships with the people in your life. Saturn is a planet that rewards longevity and commitment, which could indicate that you’re ready to marry or move forward in your relationship with a friend or lover. However, because Saturn is a planet that does not tolerate immaturity and bad behavior, it will show you how your relationship dynamics are or are not healthy. It may also make dating more difficult because Saturn will actively discourage you from wasting your time on meaningless flings and situationships. Fortunately, by the end of it, you’ll know exactly what you want from a relationship and how to strengthen your current one.


When Saturn enters Pisces, it accelerates the karma process, which may be unpleasant. Saturn will sift through the skeletons in your closet for the next three years as it moves through your fourth house of home, family, roots, and relatives. Deep and intense truths about your family and home dynamic may surface, forcing you to mend these rifts and establish boundaries that will allow you to have a healthier relationship with your blood family and/or your chosen family. If you’ve been feeling uneasy at home, this transit will encourage you to leave your subpar living situation and work on forging something even stronger. Even if you don’t feel like your home is where you want it to be, Saturn will remind you that it takes time to build a home. And if your home and family are already in good shape, this transit will remind you to invest even more in your personal life. Although money and professional success are important, they are meaningless without a home, family, and, of course, honor.


Nobody will be as affected by Saturn in Pisces as you are. As Saturn spends the next three years pounding the table in your first house of identity and the “self,” you may feel a lot of pressure on your shoulders. Indeed, this may feel like a mini Saturn return in and of itself! Although many things in your life are coming to an end, even better things are about to begin. When Saturn crosses your ascendant, you may feel harsh on yourself and overly critical of yourself, but this is only because you are suddenly expecting so much more from yourself. Saturn is forcing you to see all that you’re capable of, so you’re no longer making excuses or lowering your standards. And unless you start taking things more seriously, you might end up with less than you deserve. Increase your self-love and kindness to yourself, because Saturn’s energy may be difficult, but the reward Saturn brings you is a much deeper sense of confidence and self-acceptance. Pisces, I’m overjoyed for you.

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