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Understanding Vibrational Levels And Dimensional Shifts

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As energies on planet Earth elevate and intensify, more people are aligning with fifth-dimensional energies. This alignment brings glimpses and experiences of realities imbued with ever higher vibrational frequencies. Remaining in these pockets of higher frequencies can be a challenge, but with intention and awareness it is possible to activate increasingly finer frequencies in one’s energy field.

Shifting In and Out of Various Frequencies

Generally speaking, each person moves in and out of various levels at different times. There are many factors that affect our vibrational frequency. Our response to our environment is a major factor, but this is largely derived from our level of spiritual understanding.

Gaining Awareness of Frequency Levels

As we gain awareness of the various levels and frequencies common to our experience, we can choose to shift upward to the highest thoughts and emotions we are able to access within a given moment.

We are all familiar with lower frequencies steeped in anger and negativity. This is at the level of blame and victimhood. When one exists in the denser frequencies, they often find it difficult to focus because their attention is very scattered. The mind may seem to jump in all directions at once. This is the level of suffering and struggle. Accidents and illnesses are more common at this level as are obstacles, barriers and personal trauma.

Falling in Love Brings Glimpses of Higher Realms

At times a person existing mostly at denser levels experiences high-vibrational realities by falling in love with another person. This is almost always conditional rather than unconditional love that is rooted in attachment and dependency. Within a relatively short period of time the spell is broken and the window into higher frequencies closes.

Substances and Artificial ‘Highs’

Certain substances may seem to give one an experience of higher realities. Glimpses into higher realities through substances such as heroin and cocaine, for example, is fleeting and followed by a crash to a lower-than-usual frequency. Marijuana provides an artificial experience of the “higher end” of lower frequency levels but chronic use can prevent a person from ascending to higher frequencies. A person vibrating at a higher frequency than marijuana would find their energies pulled down by using it.

At higher and even at certain midlevel frequencies, a person experiences natural highs with increasingly vivid states of bliss, joy, euphoria and lucidity. Those who exist at mostly mid- and high-level frequencies almost never feel the need to use substances to elevate their feeling states.

High Functioning and Focused Mid-Frequency Levels

In the midlevel frequencies, it is much easier to bring focus and intention to bear to create specific realities in the physical world. At higher frequencies, a person’s focus is not on anything specific. The present moment is one expansive, vivid moment of now encoded with all that ever has been or ever will be. For this reason, those who exist at high frequencies may choose to move into midlevel vibrational patterns for periods of time in order to accomplish goals and to “get things done” in the physical world.

Higher Vibrational Frequencies are Blissfully Orgasmic

As one enters higher dimensions, there are able to distill from the present moment everything they need to know. They accept that every situation, person and occurrence is in their life for a reason and the message of each occurrence is immediately understood. Everything is neutral at this level; there is no good or bad. Higher frequencies are naturally blissful, euphoric and even orgasmic. All love at this level is unconditional.

Seemingly magical abilities are commonplace at higher frequencies but paradoxically, a person at this frequency has little interest in them. Similarly, those at high-level frequencies have the power to manifest intentions at will but have little interest in manifesting.

High-Frequency Beings are Natural Healers

At higher frequencies, one observes with complete objectivity the present moment unfolding. Linear thinking ends. One immediately knows and senses things around them and sees through any attempts at deception and dishonesty. Those who exist even for short periods of time in higher frequencies have an immediate healing effect on those they come into contact with.

At higher frequencies, one accepts energy as the basis of all reality. Channels at the upper end of frequency levels are not channeling a higher source for they are the source of the information.

Few beings on the planet inhabit the highest frequencies. We rarely hear about such beings because they almost never step into the spotlight. They often exist as hermits living in anonymity and avoid public settings. Some high-frequency beings choose to exist in lower levels leading mainstream lives so they can relate with the mass of humanity.

Frequency-Enhancing Activities

There are many ways to raise one’s vibrational frequency. Chanting om for extended periods brings temporary glimpses of very high levels. Mantras and breathing techniques can also bring powerful shifts. Other frequency enhancing activities include meditation, creative arts, service to others, visiting places of power, releasing all thoughts and feelings and stilling the mind.

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