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Empaths Are Quietly Suffering From ‘Compassion Fatigue’ And It Can Be Very Dangerous, Say Psychologists

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by Conscious Reminder

If we don’t have the ability to notice compassion fatigue as soon as it appears, it may cause us secondhand trauma. It can even turn into a burnout syndrome.

So, compassion is actually a beneficial quality for your personal relationships. Furthermore, putting yourself in the shoes of someone else will let you perceive, and also understand his or her emotions.

But, when compassion is present more than usual, it may lead you to also suffer from the condition which is defined as compassion fatigue.

Sometimes, compassion fatigue may be disabling and dangerous if you do not manage it in the proper way. When you don’t have the ability to detect this condition on time, you will suffer from secondhand trauma. It can also turn into a burnout syndrome.

The most common compassion fatigue signs.

It will happen when a person is actually too empathetic or cares more than he or she has to about the emotional pain of others.

However, there is a distinction between understanding the pain of someone else, and also feeling it. Feeling the pain happens to those that are empathetic.

It is just like the pain of a person becomes their pain. As a result of that, when you are exposed to such people, you may suffer from compassion fatigue.

Feeling lonely, and emotional exhaustion is the most common signs of this condition. Other symptoms may even be feeling confused, or urged to defeat, or also contain emotions.

Luckily, as we already mentioned, there are several tools which will let you treat the condition or even prevent it. If you are conscious of them, it will be useful for a few reasons.

First of all, it will help you avoid being stuck in the emotions of others. Second, it will let you stay at a psychological distance with them in order to protect your well-being or regulate your mood.

What are the tools you will need in order to fight this condition?

The tools used for this purpose are particularly useful if you are constantly in contact with individuals that need help, as it is your job. It can even help if you are highly empathetic, causing you intrusive thoughts, increased anxiety, energy loss, apathy, or feel negative emotions.

Interacting with your friends.

This will help you in relieving emotional burdens. If you exchange opinions with your friends, it may help you face your problems.

Support from your family.

Talking with your family is one way of venting and retreating from personal problems or problems related to your work.

Leisure activities.

Hobbies or sports will actually give you time for yourself. The most important thing would be to take the needed time for your own self, as you deserve love and care just like you give to other people.

Some other tools will be to know how you can disconnect or be informed or trained in order to have the ability to manage fatigue which comes from being highly empathetic.

However, remember that you should not stop yourself from being compassionate. Instead, these tools have to serve you like the strategy to safeguard your well-being.

In fact, compassion fatigue may make you feel guilty. You are really tired mentally that you think you have lost your ability to be empathetic.

But, this comes merely as the result of being empathetic and not knowing how you can regulate or protect yourself properly.

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