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Tonight’s Aquarius Full Buck Moon Urges Us To Keep Emotions In Check

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by Conscious Reminder

Be prepared to see a lit-up summer sky on 23rd July, this year, in Aquarius.

It is also known as the Full Buck Moon since July is typically the month buck deer’s new antlers grow from their foreheads.

The buck bestows us the gifts of gentle words, deeds, and thoughts. Use the buck’s ears to hear all the beauty surrounding you. It is the perfect time for staying outdoors, and to leave civilization behind. It is time to return to nature.

For Native Americans, the July Full Moon is also called the “Thunder Moon”. This is because July is when downpours, rains, and thunderstorms happen. You can use this Moon to revitalize and charge your energy.

The Buck Full Moon Calls For A Balancing Act

Energy is bursting out of the July Full Moon, both negative and positive. It is recommended to listen to the guidance of the intuitive self.

It will help in evenly balancing your emotions. Otherwise, emotions will run extremely high, causing problems in finances or relationships.

It is the time to stay balanced since the July Full Moon will easily make you emotional. It is also perfect to balance your Chakras. This will help you even out your emotions even under the wild energy’s influence.

The Full Buck Moon is also about balancing the commitment towards family and career. There have been things building up inside us. Now, the cosmic energy justly demands that those are released.

The coming two weeks will reveal to us the consequences of the release. Right now, we cannot keep our feelings hidden, we must express them.

It Will Be A Chance For Cleansing

This opposition between direction and roots will be illuminated by the Buck Full Moon. The Full Moon brings symbolic “illumination” to our lives.

However, the new revelations and feelings will be emotional. This is because an emotional sense will burst into our consciousness. It is the time to release things from our system and express them.

Spend some time praying and visualizing the things you want from the July Full Moon.

This Thunder Full Moon is also the perfect time for doing the Burning Bowl Ceremony. Through this ceremony, all of your life’s unneeded energy will be released, making room for positive new energies to enter. It is the perfect time for doing the ceremony outdoors given how hot the summer is.

It is also the time to charge and cleanse your crystals in the moonlight at night, and Sunlight in the day. Crystals have to be periodically cleansed so that all residue energies can be removed, allowing them to function to the fullest.

It will also be helpful to do some Dream-work and meditate on your plans and goals, particularly the spiritual ones during this period.

The Ritual For Full Moon

Our ancestors made use of sweat lodges or spiritual baths during full moons. The medium of Water can be used to transfer energy. Adding ½ lb. Epsom salts will help in cleansing your spiritual body.

While taking the spiritual bath, you must reduce your pace, take deep breaths, feel the surrounding water, and let the water cleanse and wash all parts of your body.

Let the water wash away all the rejection, grief, negativity, aches, and hurts. Feel the purity and strength of the water. Feel it surrounding you and comforting you. Finally, let yourself be reborn by it.

It is also helpful to have a detailed spiritual reading with each moon cycle. This Full Moon, as well, is nothing different as each moon cycle stands for some sort of change, affecting both our internal and external forces.

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