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The Alignment Of The Sun & Mars In September 2019

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by Conscious Reminder

The Sun has always been a major indicator of what we are and what our identity is. It holds the key that makes all the desired changes in life, and seasons inside us, and as we see it before us.

Every couple of years, Sun intermixes with Mars, thereby taking more of the Martian energy, which it then puts inside our core.

Mars has always had a very high position in Greek mythology, where it was prayed to as the God of War. March was founded as a tribute to him, placing him the ruler of equinoxes, and the initiator of a new astrological year.

Yet, he is not simply just the God of War- its place as the ruler of Rebirth is no mere coincidence, and hints at his position as something greater than what he is attributed to.

Interestingly, Mars’ chariot is run by two horses, Deimos and Phobos, which are supposed to strike fear and intimidate his enemies into surrendering.

Although in retrospect, it could also mean that the two horses in themselves led to the cleansing of fear and panic from Mars’ mind as he rode into battle.

Mars’ main element in our lives is the ability to get up, dust ourselves, and walk on, after life has pegged us down. Although we probably aren’t warriors, we still have panic and fear onto us when we start something new or are going through the motions.

Mars showers us with the ability to strive on, despite the hesitation that ensues. We all fight wars every day- sometimes we win, sometimes we don’t.

But, we don’t give up, because the fear that rises within us after a loss gives rise to determination and courage in the face of adversity.

Astrologically, Mars has always been the energy drink in our lives. We always search for it when we require power that would push us over the step and into progress. It is referred to as the planet of motivation and action due to this.

With Mars also ruling over Aries, the representation of the upper half of the body, it signifies that Mars also rules over our head. We were born with our head first out of the womb, and Mars provides us the strength to live life after that.

It gives us the ability and the strength to realize that despite all odds, despite the fact that we would one day die, we still need to keep hustling and keep striving to make something out of ourselves.

With the alignment of the Sun with Mars, we get to loosen the shackles of fear and start working to bring about changes in our lives with the goals that we aspire to strive.

The road to success is beset with obstacles and troubles, no doubt about that. Despite that, with Mars in full throttle, we know that when the day ends, we would still have something we could learn from every single day and have the very basic feeling of being alive.

2nd September was really important due to the full effect of Mars. So take the time now to make two lists- one about what you want and the other about what’s stopping you from getting that. This might help you get a grip on things and actually think rationally about going past that.

It is true that sometimes, we should pay heed to our inner fears and do what they ask us to. But in most situations, keep your fears in the background and work as you are working. Don’t let them control your actions- use them as teachers along the way. Get original, get authentic, and break free from their shackles.

Think about an ant. It is tiny, isn’t it? Yet, it can carry weights that are well above its own body weight. It goes around trying to push the piece of sugar, striving hard until it does push it to its hill.

This is what Mars is all about. You don’t have to boast about yourself, you don’t have to proclaim your plans and goals. Simply work towards achieving them, and don’t lose hope.

Success is just around the corner.

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