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Are You Born In January? Here’s All You Need To Know About Your Birthstone

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by Conscious Reminder

Each month has its own birthstone as well as a special flower for the birth month too. For those with January birthdays, garnet is their birthstone.

The Significance Of Birthstones

Today’s recognized birthstones were chosen officially in the early 1900s. However, the tradition dates back centuries, with roots in Ayurveda and Western astrology. Official birthstones were standardized in 1912 by the National Association of Jewelers.

The book of Exodus even mentions birthstones, talking about 12 gemstones affixed to the breastplate of Aaron, the prophet. Today, they are popular gifts on any occasion.

Garnet, The Birthstone For January

Garnet is a kind of silicate that is available in various colors. However, as a birthstone, red is the preferred color. The stone’s history is rich and is present across the world. In some readings of the Old Testament, the garnet’s reflected beaming light was a guide for Noah’s Ark to exit the darkness. For many ancient civilizations, the stone was used as a source of protection.

Garnet’s various meanings make it robust and worthy of being in anyone’s crystal collection, regardless of their birth month. The associations include grounding, passion, and the root chakra – which is connected to groundedness, safety, and security.

Grounding someplace safe is vital in giving us the courage to explore uncharted passions and unknown ideas. As such, the garnet is pretty suitable for traveling purposes.

Furthermore, garnet can aid in igniting passion which needs constant kindling to maintain. Garnet guides you toward the true reasons that block your passion from flowing freely. It is a reminder that passion emanates from within.

The crystal is also beneficial in maintaining proper boundaries and keeping them respected. Moreover, the crystal is also helpful in removing blockages and inhibitions. This, in turn, lets you feel supported and safe while exploring the true desires of your soul.

Working with garnet is comparatively simple. You can simply say a particularly good affirmation of your choosing while holding the stone. A slightly more elaborate ritual can be to hold it in the non-dominant hand and simultaneously list 10 things that you feel most passionate about.

Choose and circle one passion that you truly love. Then, contemplate how you can act using this passion for getting your desired life while holding the crystal.

Caring For Garnet

The garnet is a comparatively hard stone. As such, water can be used to clean it. However, similar to the majority of precious gems, avoid leaving them submerged for too long as that might gradually damage the crystal. Similarly, avoid keeping the stone out in the sun for too long, as it can make the rich color fade.

Any charging or cleansing technique that you like can work for the energetic cleansing of the garnet. This includes leaving it out under the full moon’s light overnight, using sound or smoke, or your breath.

In Conclusion

There is no compulsory condition that you have to be born in January to fully enjoy the many properties and benefits of the powerful garnet.

If you are looking to find ways to reignite your passions or get some work on grounding done, then garnet is one crystal that you must not miss out on including in your collection.

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